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idol.gif (4063 bytes) American Idol- Commentary by Cathy, Debbie and Tim
Here's the story. The three of us got hooked on reality TV. Cathy wound up getting roped into American Idol first, and after much whining, she convinced Deb and I to tune in. We did, and we really couldn't get enough of it. We started e-mailing each other our take on each episode, and I started putting them into HTML format. Not sure if this will be of any interest to anyone but the three of us, but here it is anyway.

I'd like to point out that most of the images you find on these pages are the property of Fox Television and American Idol. I'd be happy to remove any images if the proper copyright holders would like me to.

Season 4- Update Eleven In which the final five sing a very new and a very, VERY old song...
Season 4- Update Ten Songs from 2000 until now. Has music been this bad recently?
Season 4- Update Nine Seventies Dance Music (which means Disco for everyone but Bo)
Season 4- Update Eight Songs from the year you were born in
Season 4- Update Seven Showtunes?!
Season 4- Update Six The 90's
Season 4- Update Five The post-Lindsey Cardinale era will we survive?
Season 4- Update Four catchin' up...
Season 4- Update Three better late than never!
Season 4- Update Two second week of finals, four more pack their bags
Season 4- Update One we're back! The first week of the finalists, four go home
Season 2- Update One best update ever? I beg to diffa!
Season 2- Update Two lots to read, one tomato-based drink, one rooster.
Season 2- Update Three first two finalists, little controversy despite Fox's attempts.
Season 2- Update Four 205 area code definitely representin'.
Season 2- Update Five Late, late, late, this update's really late.
Season 2- Update Six Let the finals begin!
Season 2- Update Seven The Elite Eleven!
Season 2- Update Eight Cathy watches, Deb and Tim miss it. Worth reading anyway.
Season 2- Update Nine Disco night, everybody dance! Um, not so fast, Corey...
Season 2- Update Ten Maybe they'll vote somebody off this week...
Season 2- Update Eleven Billy Joel on video, Smokey in the studio, Carmen stinkin' up the joint...
Season 2- Update Twelve Over the top songs by Dianne Warren, under performing by Carmen and Josh
Season 2- Update Thirteen Neil Sedaka returns from the grave to be a guest judge.
Season 2- Update Fourteen Bee to da Gee. And you don't stop..
Season 2- Update Fifteen 3 contestants, 3 songs...much delayed posting by Tim
Season 2- Update Sixteen Clay vs. Ruben...too bad it's not a cage match
Season 1- Update One in which we imagine R.J. performing "Safety Dance". Over-the-counter medicines pictured: 1.
Season 1- Update Two light on images, big on commentary. Sound file plays upon loading (also property of Fox).