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They pooed it off: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Six, Episode One: The Final 12

Ok, before they start, I'm going to give my official rating.  Some fall in the same area, but ya know.  This is official and you can hold me to it later!  (Top is best, bottom SUCKS!!!!)  Btw, this takes attitude, look, and singing (and in Ricky's case, weirdness) into acct:

Ruben = 10+
Clay = 8
Joshua = 7
Kimberly L and Vanessa = 6
Ricky, Charles, and Trenyce = 5
Carmen and Julia = 3
Kimberly C = 2
Cory = 1

 I'm SO excited that AI is back to normal and themefied and stuff.  I'm way way way excited!  Remember, the ratings above were before the final 12 started to compete.  Keep this list handy and we'll refer back to it often.

I am going to try to compile all of your ratings into Excel and create a nice little line graph. I hope it works…. I don’t have it right now, but I will provide it to our dashing webmaster as soon as I have it ready.

 Kimberly L (Heat Wave) - Well, it's not Over the Rainbow.  That's nice, but a dumb pick in my opinion.  Ok, I kinda take that back.  She picked an eh song and did it really really well.  I really think so and I'm really pleasantly surprised by her.  I disagree with Randy because you can't always do the stupid runs.  I thought it was a very peppy performance to start with.  Whatever Simon.  I don't get it!  (OMG I love Ryan Seacrest.  Funny diss on Scowel!)

She was good. She had a nice energy but I agree she could do (and has done) a lot better. It wasn’t the best song for her b/c she couldn’t be as melodic. I think she didn’t cope with going first as well as she could have, but that’s pretty difficult to go first on the first live show. I honestly think it could cost her the competition.

I thought it was competent, but nothing above that. I was expecting a lot more from her.

Hey, I just realized this.  I jokingly call Simon Cowell, Simon Scowell, but did you realize that his first initial and last name make that too?  It's like it's not his fault, fate made him the jerk he is!

 I guess that’s why Mom and Dad named you "Skank-ho".


Seriously, a Bernie Mack movie?!?!?  What's this world coming to?  Btw, I did finally watch that stupid show and it was a half hour of my life that I will never ever get back.  :(

WHAT?!?!?! You’re crazy! That show rules. Oh, poor ignorant Cathy.

Alright, that's a Tim line you're using Cathy. And Bernie Mac is awsome. As a wise woman once said, you're dumb.

Joshua (Baby, I Need Your Lovin') - Aw, he's got a nice story.  That makes me like him even more.  Another bad pick.  The song started off a little weird and got a lot better.  I still think that he was really good, but could've done better with a better song.  OMG, I can't believe Simon told him to lose weight.  Seriously, it's all muscle.  What does he want?  But see what Josh did.  A comeback without being jerky, like those bznatchy girls.  Whoa, Ryan can do pushups?  Who would've guessed?

 I pretty much agree with everything you said here. (Yikes) I think at the beginning of the song he was a little off the track but he fixed it. He also got the crowd involved and overall did a nice job. Also, I kind of like that it sounded a little country. His personality showed through and he made the song his. Very cool. I thought his reaction to Simon was excellent! It was very clever and cute without being jerky. He totally worked the crowd with those pushups! Awsom. I really like his personality.

I thought he was excellent. I said to Debbie, that his performance is EXACTLY what I was talking about when I said people should take a song a bring something new to it. And I like this song. Very, very good.

Charles (How Sweet it is) - Ok, I didn't give him enough of a chance, so I wll pay lose attn to him this time.  Ok, didn't he already sing this?  I hate that!   Well, he did fine, but nothing specail.  He has a nice voice, but he's quiet and not too exciting.  Soarry!

 He had a cute look, I liked the white hat. He has a great voice, he sounds so good! Unfortunately he’s not the best performer, he needs a touch more energy. Although he is a very good singer. I like him a lot but I don’t think America is liking him as much as me. I think he is middle to bottom of the pack as far as America is concerned. But I like him more.

HEY, THAT'S RATBOY'S SONG!!! He did pretty well. He needs to step it up. I really like his story, and he seems like a good kid. I hope he sticks a round a while, i think he can get really good.

Kimberly C (Nowhere to Run) - Nope.  She sang it like a rock song, which is fine but I didn't like it at all.  See, she can do no wrong.  The judges will always love her.  She is totally gonna win, the show is making it.  She's bugging me! GRRRRR!!!!

It was nice but she yells more than she sings. I agree with what Cathy said, she sang it like a rock song. I think we’re both hearing the same thing. She’s one of the best performers though, which makes sense since she was in a show for so long already. I still am not nuts about her personality but she did a nice job.

I thought it was O.K., that's it. In the lower half of perfomance, I thought, but not real far down. Like 7th best.

Hey, I just noticed, I thought that long haired rock dude made it to the finals.   Seriously, I'm sure of it.  What happened to him?!?!?

 Sorry Charlie, he was 3rd highest of the 4th group. They chose 1 and 2 (of course) but then chose 2 OTHER people from his group to go to the wildcard and left him in the dust. Ouch! I felt so bad for him.

That was dumb. But he didn't have the votes, and the judges never liked him. I did, I was sorry to see him go.

Ricky/Hercules () - Alright nutball, lets see what you can do.  Great song choice for him I think, but he goofed at the beginning.  I'm interested to see what he says about that.  I don't think it was a big deal.  His voice is much more manly and less grating.  Still a goofus though.  Oh oh oh, he changed it at the end.   I like that a lot! 

That’s funny that you call him Ricky/Hercules. J Ya know, I don’t know if he goofed at the beginning or if the sound on the show wasn’t working properly. Oh well, we’ll never know. Anyway, I think he has a great voice and it worked very well with the song. At the time he sang he was my #1, but ultimately he wound up outside of my top 3.

He was pretty good- needs to do a little bit better. Song choice will be really important for him as he has such a unique voice, it needs the right song to get across.

OK, why does Simon keep taking about other stuff besides the singers!!! The flames, the mini-movies. It’s like he’s avoiding giving critiques. Grrr.

Julia (Where did our love go?) - She's peppy, but she's kinda got a Julia shuffle starting.  That performance was totally blah.  Just not strong enough for this competition.  I'm so surprised by the judges comments (well, not Simon's) but I HATE how she responded to him.  That's classless and it shows she's not confident about herself. 

It was dumb dancing and dumb boots. Total RJ shuffle! She was boring. She has a pretty voice but boring performance, no passion. Worst so far tonight. However, her look is getting better and better (except for the boots).

Good luck, I agree. Performance was really dull.

Clay (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) - He only gets more and more confident as he goes.   I'm so excited about what he'll be like in a few weeks.

 Good performance and good singing. Really nice!!! He really enjoyed himself up there. I think he did a great job.

Good. But he does get dangelously close to sounding like he's in a musical. Hard to follow his performance from last week which was awsome.

Vanessa (You Keep me Hangin' On) - Her pigs name is bacon.  That' funny!  OH, Bacon Bits!?!?!?  That's too funny!  I thought that was a great performance, especially the start.  I am getting pretty tired of Simon.  It's fine that he speaks his mind, but he goes out of his way to find the bad parts of their performances.  

 Nice! Good performance and good voice. I kind of agree with Simon thought, she’s more like an entertainer than what they’re looking for in this competition, but I still like her a lot. I think Simon says stuff like that to aim more votes to people he think will sell better. I think he thinks she might not have mass appeal so he’s already trying to take a few votes away from her. Ya know, I keep thinking when she gets up to sing that I won’t really like her but then she goes and does a nice job. Good for her.

She was decent, but not the best. A lot of others do better. I liked her a little more after the profile, but I still get that drama class kid vibe from her. Weird for the sake of being weird, look at me, I'm weird.

Corey (This Old Heart of Mine) - I'll tell you right now, I HATE him.  I refuse to like anything he does!  I guaruntee he'll be at the bottom of my list the entire time.  He sang too fast, and I'm not exaggerating on this one.  He sang faster than the track at times.  SO THERE STUPID IDIOT!!!!

 So Cathy, how do you really feel? Well, I think his voice is so high but he is a nice singer. Nice performance, good energy. I didn’t like him either but I’m giving everyone a clean slate, not to mention that he appears to realize what a dork he was and seems apologetic about it. Good enough for me.

I was impressed. Great energy, very strong performance. I liked his film, and he seems sincere about his screw-up. I really disliked him, but I'm giving him a second chance. He could go very far.

Carmen (Can't Hurry Love) - This is by far her best performance.  That doesn't mean she's great, but the best she's been.  But actually, I did like it a lot!   She's cute too.  I think she has a really interesting voice, but a weird sqeak sometimes and strange virbratto.  But those are things she can improve on.  Wow, good for her.  Great comments from the judges.

 She’s a little too made up, but she did a nice job. Much better this week than last week. She has a nice energy. I agree with Simon that she justified his prick, er, I mean pick.

I thought she looked like Olivia Newton-John like at the end of Grease ("Tell me about it, stud.") Better than last week for sure, I see why he picked her now...

Trenyce (Come See about Me) - I'm just gonna say, she looks and sounds weird!  I just don't like her at all.  Ok, her look got a little better and her voice got a lot better.  I liked it a lot more than her others, but not great.  I thought she tried too hard.  I don't know, sometimes I'm so way off from the judges and I don't get it.

Yeah, you missed the boat on this one. She was really good. Very pretty performance, good personality, very relaxed and she really enjoyed herself. It was a good job.

SERIOUSLY! What were you watching, Cathy? She was AWESOME! Really looked natural, sang great, had excellent energy and presence. After the first line, I said "Wow, she's got a real Diana Ross thing going on". The judges echoed that. She was my favorite this week. I see a lot of Tamyra qualities in her.

Ruben (Baby, I need your lovin') - Looks like they saved the best for last!  I'm a little scared though, because I like him so much that I'm scared that he'll disappoint me.   I almost have butterflies in my stomach.  Is that stupid or what?!?  Um, we SERIOUSLY have to go visit Alabama on Ruben Day.  I'm TOTALLY serious!  O M G!!!!!   I love Ruben so damn much.  He absolutely melts me.  He is SO good and he makes it look effortless!  He's the total opposite of Cory.  Cory can do no right and Ruben can do no wrong! 


Really really good! TOTALLY makes the song his. He’s such a good performer and singer. I’m so glad he’s in this competition and I’m looking forward to seeing what else he can do. BTW, Ruben day was YESTERDAY, you missed the boat yet again.

 Very good- he's just barely below Trenyce for me (she really surprised me, I expect it from Rueben). He's so good though, it's his competition to loose at this point.

Ok, here's my new rating.  Tim, would you wanna make a special link on the AI page to my AI Final 12 Ratings and we can add to it every week? :)

 Ruben = 10+
Clay and Joshua = 9
Kimberly L and Vanessa and Ricky = 8
Carmen and Charles = 7
Trenyce = 6
Kimberly C and Cory* = 2
Julia = 1 

I think Julia will be kicked off.  That's my prediction.  The three lowest will be Julia, Vanessa, and hopefully Cory.

I think Kimberley Locke or Julia DeMato will be eliminated. Either one of them is fine with me, but I’d rather see Julia go. She was bad this week.

I think Kimberly will be voted off, but Julia will be down there.

I was pleasantly surprised by Cory and Carmen. Both really exceeded my expectactions. Good for them. My top 3 picks right now are Ruben, Clay, and Trenyce. I can’t wait for tonight’s show!!!

My top three: Trenyce, Ruben, Joshua. Cathy, you don't want to know who my #4 was this week!

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