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Writing to you from the judges table, Coke products strategically placed: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Seven: Showtunes

Personally, I wish the theme were soundtracks rather than just showtunes.  Btw, after Professer Henry Higgins I can't believe no one even came close to getting it.  Duh!

They a little slow.

Bad theme. I don't like the big band, etc. themes that stray from the pure pop ideology of this contest. I'm such the AI purist.

Scott (The impossible dream) - I LOVE this song.  Very slow and pitchy start.  I feel bad for him because I think the stress is getting to him.  And like so many in the past, he's gonna be voted off way before his time, and then sing totally kick-assedly for his last song, because the pressure will be over.  Makes me sad, cause I love his voice.  Very much like Ruben's ( think Deb said that too).  I really liked the way he ended it though.

His voice is not strong enough for this song.  It needs to have someone who can really belt it out.  It actually would have been better sung by Anthony.  Did I just say that?  Overall I thought it was kind of weak.  It also showcased why he won’t win, voice just isn’t strong enough.

Pretty, seems a bit out of character.  Hopefully enough to keep him around.

Constantine (My funny valentine) - Is this the song I think it is?  Doesn't really fit him.  Wait a minute, is this the song I think it is.  I can't tell.  If it is then he made it really weird.  Anyway, whether I know it or not, I think he did a great job.  He is getting better and better every week.  Now, that he's definately moved away from rock, I think he is really hitting his stride and the others better watch out.  Hey, that's exactly what Randy just said too.

Really good.  Very charismatic and he sounded surprisingly natural singing this song.  Last note seemed a bit off though.

Cheesy, faux sexy arrangement, almost worthy of the “bullshit” tag we used so much in the 60's week.  The “is your figure less than greek” is a funny line for him to sing- with a name like Constantine Maroulis, I'm guessing he's very Greek.  Not bad if you didn’t have to watch him mug for the camera.

Carrie (Hello young lovers) - Boring!!!  Crappy song selection.  I'm sorry but she could've picked a way better song than this.  She needs to watch more musicals.  Seriously, anything the Audrey Hepburn sings, she could've sung beautifully.  Oh, I agree with Simon that it was too old fashioned, even down to her hair and what she was wearing.

THE Audrey Hepburn?  Funny.  I though she was very pretty and she’s got a great voice.  Some how managed to be a little country but she was definitely out of her element and did a great job anyway.

Looks good, almost Clarkson-esque.  Not country!  My favorite of hers.  She looked and sounded great. It was old fashioned, but it worked great for her, very classic and classy.

Vonzelle (People) - Uh oh.  She's doing Streisand now.  I happen to hate Barbara, but I have to admit, she's touch to live up to.  Vonzelle has really been aiming high.  Ok, the build in this song, was exactly perfect!  The only thing I didn't really like is that I felt she should've ended on a less dramatic note.  But still great.  She's kicking ass the last few weeks.

Looked great, very classy/elegant.  Sang it beautifully.  Hard to follow Streisand but she did an awesome job.  Great song to choose b/c people know it.  Best so far tonight.

Good sound, good look. Strong finish

Ok, I realize Simon doesn't like showtunes but he really needs to learn to separate himself from that.  He hasn't had anything positive to say about any of them at all so far.  Except STUPID Fantasia.  What-ev!

I agree, even if you don’t like the genre you still should be able to fairly judge the performances.  And by the way, that Fantasia performance of “Summertime” last season was WAY overrated.

Well, I did like Fantasia's Summertime, but it's time to move on from that...and I agree, I don't like this theme but I'm still judging the best I can...

Anthony (Climb ev'ry mountain) - Gayer song please!  Oh no, what did he do to this song?  D-O-R-K-Y!!!  Ok, you know what.  It ended up growing on me a little and in the middle he sounded JUST like Clay.  But then the last note was horribly off.

Could this be another miracle for miracle baby?  He apparently doesn’t need his glasses anymore.  I hate the “soft rock” feel of this song that he did.  I didn’t like it, kind of cheesy.  He can sing but I don’t like it.  I think I say that every week.

 Faggier arrangement please.  Same as always, technically sound, no soul.

Ok, so I was wondering what Bo was gonna sing and mom said he should sing Hair.  Holy crap that was a good suggestion!  Now, I can't wait to see what he ends up singing.

She’s right, that would have been good.  I say we dump you from our AI commentary and replace you with Mom.  JK.

I think you may be on to something there, Deb! :)

Nikko (One hand one heart) - This is the best song he could pick?  Great outfit though.  I love Nikko.  He's kicking butt.  Ok, that song was fine.  Not his best performance and not his worst.  I think he could've picked a better song, but still good.  I would've liked to see him do something from Rent because, like Randy said, he tends to stay contemporary.  However, I wouldn't be surprised if those songs weren't cleared.

You’re probably right about the songs not being cleared.  Oh well.  I was glad he actually knew of a song to sing, unlike say Carrie who isn’t familiar with a single musical song.  Whateva!  He was fantastic, very true to himself.  Sang it great, he’s becoming one of my faves.

Another remake arrangement, but I liked this one; still made it very urban, more than Carrie made hers country.  The end sounded like he was yelling.

Anwar (If ever I would leave you) - I predict that he's gonna kick butt because this seems like his kind of genre.  Ok, I don't know this song, but he did a good job with it.  Not as great as I thought he would, but still really good.

Really liked it, really pretty and sounded great from start to finish.  Very strong

Pretty, nice arrangement. Like Nikko’s, the contemporary arrangement works.

Bo (Corner of the sky) - I don't think I know this song.  Ok, pretty cool song selection.  Kinda weird, but he sang it great.

What a jackass way to pick a song!  That said, he sounds great.  Kind of sounded discoey, almost like a “Love the one you’re with” mashup.  Funny!

Sounded like a vocal from a commercial.  Good job, not his genre but he did fine. I saw Barry Williams (Greg Brady) do this on the Brady Bunch Variety Hour. Classic!

Nadia (As long as he needs me) - Great look, and I'm happy she's finally doing a slow song.  I think she picked the right week to stop being funky and do something normal.  I liked it.

Glad the song meant something to her.  She looked great, sounded great, but it was all pretty boring for me.  I fell asleep halfway through.

She looks great, sounds great, elegant but natural

Fave 3:  Bo, Nikko, Vonzelle

Fave 3:  Anwar, Vonzell, Nikko

Fave 3:  Nadia, Vonzell, Anwar

Bottom 3:  Scott (bummer) and Anthony.  If I had to pick a third, I guess I'd say Nadia.  I think Anthony is going home.

Bottom 3:  Same as you.  Scott (yes, bummer), Nadia, and Anthony.  I also think Anthony is going home.

Bottom 3:  Bo, Scott, and Anthony.  Anthony is going home.

Well, it turns out that Nikko went home.  I’m really disappointed b/c I liked him a lot, but I’m not surprised b/c he’s too “urban” for most of America.  I think it’s totally his fault that he’s leaving, he could have tried to appeal to the masses and he could have lasted a while longer.  That said, I’m happy that he stayed true to his roots.  He’ll probably wind up doing better in the long run not being the AI winner anyway.


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