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The esteemed judges: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Five, Episode One: Very late. A fella needs to take a vacation.

Ok, I missed the first singer.  Also, I'm tired so I'm probably not gonna type too much.  There's a long story that goes along with this bad attitude, but I won't bug you with it.

 The first singer was Slyvia. She sang, "Didn’t we almost have it all". You didn’t miss much. Her singing wasn’t melodic or pretty at all, in fact it was more like she was yelling the song than singing it. I didn’t like her.

She wasn't very good. One of the worst in the 32.

Chip (We were alone) - That was ok.  I thought he had a nice voice, but he didn't do much for me.  Probably for the same reason as they gave.  Ya notice what a nerd he was during audition?  He really doesn't have a personality.

 It was a pretty song that he sang even though I didn’t know it. It was really pretty and not overdone. He didn’t "work it" though. I’m sure Cathy could teach him a thing or 2 about working it though, I hear she provides private lessons. Anyway, I thought he was good but not outstanding. I don’t know that he would really add a lot to the competition if he made it to the final 10.

I liked him O.K., but yeah, he was just kinda there, not very dynamic.

Juanita (What about the children) - Yuck!  Cute outfit but crappy song and she sang it weird, like whiny.  Girlfriend said "aksin."  Talk gooder if you're gonna be the american idol.  What a bznatch!!!!!  WHATEVER!!!  I'm just not in the mood for her tonight.  I'm annoyed to the max.

 Cathy, you’re the only one on Earth still saying, "to the max." God bless you. Anyway, Juanita was a lot like Sylvia with her singing style, they both were not melodic and were yelling the song. But Juanita is stupid, after hearing the judges comments about Sylvia she should have tried to do something to make her performance better. But she’s too dumb. And then she turned into the biggest whore (no offense Cathy). And what a total jackass song! She is so dumb. The high point was when her mom said, "She pulled it off" and it sounded like, "She poohed it off". Tim was giggling about that foreva.

She POOED it off! She POOED it off! I loved that. Made up for the two minutes of my life while she was singing. I'll never get that time back.

Patrick (When I see you smile) - uh oh, it's a rocker.  he won't make it no matter how good he is.  Ok, I liked the first line.  Then he was weird and had no emotion.  Then he got better, but not good enough.  Besides, I love that song (sorry to say) and he didn't do it justice.  Oh, nice ending though.  I like when they change it like that.  Ya know, the problem with him is that this is AI and the teeny boppers who are watching this don't appreciate rock.  So even if he's good and yeah, rock is dead lately, yatta yatta, but the wrong people are watching this show.  

 I thought he sounded great and I really liked his performance. I didn’t agree at all with the judges. I agree that he doesn’t totally fit with the competition but I’d love to see him make it to the top 10 b/c he would be interesting to have around. I like his passion too. I think it’s possible he’ll get voted in tonight.

I liked him a lot. Different than all the others but still good.

Masheka (???) - Yuck.  She sounds like she's losing her voice and it gets very grating after a short while.  I really agree with Randy.  She's emotionless.   Duh, when she said that she and Tamyra have diff voices only proved his point.   He was saying that Tamyra would be able to pull that song off.  That was not a good choice for HER so he was telling her to get good songs for her.

Close, the name is Nasheka. But don’t worry, tonight is the last time you’ll see her. She was kind of squeaky and nasally and I didn’t like her. She wasn’t enjoyable to listen to. And she turned into another beeeach. A lot of these girls are not very open to critique and I just don’t know if they would be able to handle the competition later on. And by the way, why are there so many mean people this time? I remember last year when everyone was nice! Do these mean people really think they should be the American Idol? People have to like you if they’re going to vote for you! OK, I’m off my soapbox.

 I didn't quite dislike her as much, but she's not finalist caliber either.

Joshua (I'll be) - I HATE THIS SONG!!  Any other song would've been better.   I like him though.  He's interesting 'cause he's a marine.  Although, he screamed at times and over did it.  That's too bad because I think he has a nice voice.  Excellent question from Simon and good answer.  Wow, I guess I was wrong about him overdoing it.  That's why I'm not a singer.  (YES! That's the reason why I'm not a singer, because I could EASILY be the new AI if I wanted to)

I think this was a perfect song for him to sing. It really matches him. It’s not my fave song but I don’t dislike it either. It was a little oversung but besides that it was VERY nice. He’s such a good representative for the competition. I’m pretty sure he’ll make it into the top 10 and I’ll be happy to see him there. He’s such a good wholesome boy.

I liked him too, good song, very strong voice.

Ok, I can tell you right now that I hate cory clark and it's not possible for me to judge him fairly!  Him getting in would be as much of a crime as Tamyra being voted off! 

Word. I am NOT a Cory fan.

Not crazy about him either.

Ashley (Touch me in the morning) - Wow, really really good.  Pretty voice and pretty good.  Simon's gonna love her.  Wow, I thought she sounded really good.   I really liked her!

 Nice ho song. She’s got a sweet voice but not very strong. Actually, it’s also a little too high. I loved that when she was on the couch and she was upset that Ryan was being so nice to her. That was good. I really like Ryan this year! She’s a sweet and pretty girl. Too bad she isn’t a better singer.

I did not like her at all (from what I remember).

Cory (some dumb song! (Foolish heart)) - doesn't matter what he sings.  I already know I hate him!!!  Oh man, I hate him.  I hate him.  I hate him!!!!   Don't surpise me.  Actaully, surprise me by not singing!  Grrrrrr.   Yup, he sucked.  I refuse to write anything good about him.  I"m on strike.  I'll meet you at the next person!

 SIT DOWN JUDGES!!! I HATE YOU!   Grrrrrrrr!

 You are hilarious. Anyway, his voice is too high and girly. I just didn’t see what the fuss was all about! I am so surprised that the judges like him! I didn’t agree with the judges that time at all. I really hope he doesn’t make it to the final 10.

Ok, my two picks:  Joshua, and . . . I guess I'd have to say Masheka.  I didn't like her, but I think america will.  Actually, Stupid will probably get in, but I don't wanna own up to that.  I'm pretending like he's not there. 

 My two picks are Joshua and Patrick. I do think that the worst guy was better than the best girl this week. The girls were bad this week.

I say Joshua and Patrick.

Honestly, I don't get it.  I like the way Ashley sounds.  Whatev.  :(

OK, now I have to vent about 1 thing. Remember a few weeks ago when I said that they were totally poising Kimberly (blonde from first week) to make it into the top 10. Then she didn’t make it but they LET HER SING ANYWAY! That was TOTAL B.S.! Not even all the people who were voted into the top 10 were allowed to sing on the results show. So then yesterday Simon talked about the top 10 and he said, "the Kimberlies" PLURAL?!?!?! Uh, there’s only 1 Kimberly in the top 10 right now. If that whore makes it into the top 10 I’ll be so pissed. She’s not that good and she totally gets on my nerves. Does she really need to be on camera every second? I guarantee she’ll be on the wild card show and I am pretty sure she’ll make it into the top 10. Very fixed!

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