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Can you tell who actually saw this episode?: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Eight, Episode One: The Terrific Ten

Well Cathy, we have sad news to tell you. We were at the house inspection yesterday afternoon and then had dinner with Eileen and Mike and the girls. So, we didn’t get back home until about 7:55 which was just in time to see the very end of Clay’s performance. Basically, we missed the whole show. We both either didn’t realize we would be getting home that late or just plum forgot to record it. So, we don’t have a lot of meaningful comments, but based on your email I’m sure I can say a few words.

We was bummed! Of course, THIS is the week they go back to one hour. Jerks.

Olivia Newton-John!  Rock on!  Also, what an interesting theme.  Very original and i think it'll be fun!  Hey, maybe we'll hear a little chicks from dixie!

fig newton.jpg (3699 bytes) Why would Olivia Fig-Newton-John be on during country week? I guess it’s b/c I heard it would be disco but then they changed it to country. Which begs the question, why would Olivia Fig-Newton-John be on during disco week? It’s not like they couldn’t get someone who is actually a disco singer like Gloria Gaynor, that would be cool. So, Cathy if you get a chance please email and let me know what the dealio.

Deb, OFNJ being on during country week makes as much -perhaps more- sense as Gladys Knight being on during soundtrack week. That's the direction each of them have taken, respectively, to try to keep their careers going. Once a lot of stars get washed up, they turn towards country...

Joshua (Ain't goin' down 'till the sun comes up) (9) - Wow, fun song.  It didn't show much of his talent but you need fun stuff too!  I loved it!  It was a great way to start the show and he seemed TOTALLY comfortable on stage!  He gets exponentially better every week I think.  I think he might make it to the final 3 or 4 because he's a great guy too!

Saw the little clips of each of them performing, and he seems comfortable. I think they purposely made this country week to keep both Joshua and Carmen alive for a while.

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Trenyce (I need you) (8) - Started off a little awkward but I think it's cause I couldn't hear her very good.  She did really well though.  Something about her voice I'm not crazy about but she did do a hard song really well!  Btw, I love that song!  Great pick!

I heard on the radio this morning someone said she was very awkward and that was partially b/c she got the words to the song wrong. Since you love that song, tell us, did she get the words wrong?

BTW, were any of the songs actually Dixie Chicks’ songs?

 Kimberly L (I can't make you love me) (8) - I thought she did this song really well.  Very nice sounding.  She tends to make everything "spectacular" but she kept this one simple and nice.  I really liked it.  I'd actually say one of her better ones.  Uh, Randy agrees with A1. 

 I'm sorry, but Simon's being so dumb this year.  He absolutely refuses to say anything nice except to his obvious favorites.  He's making sure that there aren't any "losers" in the finals this yr, like there were last year and I think thats low and unfair. 

 Corey (Drift away) (8) - Neat.  I liked the way he approached this song.   A great pick for him too.  Best I've seen him since the beginning (when I hated him).  I'm just gonna say the outfit was doinky though.  Oh, I disagree with Olivia, I thought he performed it great.  Really down to earth.

Good song choice for him, I'd say

 Carmen (Wild Angels) (7) - Eh, dumb song.  I think her voice was nice, but I didn't like the song.  I don't know how to explain it, but I wasn't crazy about it.   Oh, it was also fairly robotic.  She put pep in where she knew she was supposed to.  Ya know, not spontaneous.

 Ya know, I was just thinking about something.  Did you know that last year Ryan and Paula went out a few times.  I don't htink that was a rumor.  That makes me feel icky because she looks young, but he's my age and I was like in 6th grade when she came out with Opposites Attract (one of her later hits I think)  YUCK!   Dirty dirty Paula.

 That IS pretty nasty. It’s kind of like the Mrs. Brady / Greg Brady thing. Shudder!

Good for Paula, keepin' it real (real real real, let's make it really real)

Ricky (Some crazy boring high-pitched country song) (5) - Yikes, theres that scary high voice I haven't heard in a while.  It gives me the chills.  Boring song too.  Sorry Hurcules, didn't like it. 

I heard it was a Larry Gatlin song. Odd choice, Gatlin hasn't been in the spotlight for a long time.

 Kimberly C (Anymore) (7) - She should tour with Melissa Etheridge because they sound and look so similar to me.  Anyway, I didn't like this very well.  She's capable of much more.  Great ending though, I thought.  Paula is right about her changing her look.  That does make it interesting. 

I'm sure Melissa wouldn't have any problem with that, if you know what I'm saying. I also wonder how much of a problem Kimberly C. would have that...

 On the morning show I sometimes listen to they play some of the contestants songs the next day. So, I got to hear this one and I thought it sounded pretty good. I didn’t see the performance but her singing sounded better to me than it usually does.

See, Simon obviously wants Kimberly in the final three so he gave her a good review.   He'll do the same for Clay and Ruben.  Always, every week. 

We all know they want Kimberly in the final 3. I’ve been saying it’s been fixed in her favor all along.

reuben.jpg (28498 bytes)   Ruben  (Sweet Home Alabama) (10+) - Ok, apparently I'm the only one who didn't pick up on the 205 thing.  How funny.  OMG, I could marry this guy!  (Did you see the Roooo-ben sign?!?  How funny!)  He IS a teddy bear, he's so fun to watch and he's a nice, down to earth guy and I love his voice.  I'd love to hear him and Kelly sing together.

 This was the other one I got to hear. I really liked it! It was fun. I think it’s not his best style of singing but duh. We know he’s a lot better at the R&B anyway. I wouldn’t expect him to do as well with this but I think he really showed his range by doing so well. He’s very consistent even when they throw him a curve ball like country music. He is SO my favorite!

It was good- I wondered how he would do outside of the velvet teddy bear genre, and I've got to say this on his performance- he POOED it off!

Clamato (Breath) (4) - One of her best I think.  Not great, but it was for her.   Ouch, she hit a scary note.  I spoke too soon.  Was she saying Beath?   Honey, it's brrrrrreath.  Simon hit it RIGHT on the nose.  She looks like she's trying and Ruben absolutely doesn't.  And it's not just them, but they're obvious.

I think her days are very numbered...

 Clay (wishin on someone else's star) (7) - Strange song.  Certainly not his best.  It was a very nice song, but unfortunately I expected more from him.   However, he did keep it low key and not all crazied up like usual.  I LOVE how corny he always is afterward.  I just can't get enough of that.  What?  I don't agree with Simon AT ALL!!?!?  Was there a show I didn't see or something?

 We only heard the end of this and it sounded good but it didn’t wow me. Oh well.

K, bottom 3 will be Clamato, Corey, and Carmen.  They're just always missing something.  Carmen will be kicked off (because Julia is this year's Nikki)

Wish I could try to predict the bottom 3 but since I didn’t see the show I can’t. But your guesses are probably good bets. We will see tonight!

Julia is gone tonight. Got a feeling about it (again!)

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Ya know, I just noticed that the only person who actaully sounded like they were singing country was Josh.  The rest really don't have country voices at all. 

Hmm, I've thought in the past that Carmen did, but I didn't get to hear her last night. Oh well.

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