idol.gif (4063 bytes) American Idol Update- Season Two, Episodes Six
Red and Blue make Purple- now that's a scary thought: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Three, Episode Two: The first one-episode summary thus far. Rejoice.

It's gonna be Julia and the girl she fought with (Kimberly). I know it! America is gonna eat up that rival thing.

It’s annoying how much they’re playing up the whole stupid rivalry thing. Trying to create drama where there is none. It’s like when they spent all that time on the guys who stayed out late, they should stop wasting time with nonsense like this.

They're really trying to create drama.

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Duh, Ryan's hair looks stupid!!! He's gay.

Quite likely yes.

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Top 3 picks (for the sake of having three, the third will be JD):

YES!!!! Julia made it! I knew it!

YES!!!! Kimberly! I knew it!

DAMN! I was wrong about JD. Grrrrrrr

OK, I am soooo glad JD didn’t make it. He’s really not that good. I liked him a lot at first but then I got to see more of him and he’s nothing special. Charles is way better than JD. Finally America chose correctly!!!

He's got a good look, but isn't the best singer. Doesn't belong in the finals. The top 3 was pretty decent, all things considered.

See, here's the thing. At this point, there are so many people to keep track of and we haven't seen some of them sing more than once, so there are certain people that the public doesn't know well enough to chose unless they make a BIG impression during the 8 finalists day. So like last yr, the show made deaf parents boy memorable so he was of course picked. Kelly made an impression during the day when we saw all of them sing. That's just how it works. That's how I totally knew Kimberly and Julia. And, that's why I thought JD too.

Oh, poor Cathy was soooo confident about Kimberly.

I really agree with Simon saying that yesterday none of them were anything special.

Yeah, I think the other groups will be more interesting and better. There are at least 2-3 really good ones in this coming week’s group.

I HOPE they're better!

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I can't believe that loser Charles got on. I think the other will be Kimberly. Darn.

You need to give Charles a second chance.

Charles isn't perfect, but he was among the best here. He deserves to move on.

Real real yeah, let's make it really real. Real real yeah, let's make it really real.

Non sequitur.

Hey, Cathy, that's actually a remake of an old jazz song- I'll put it on the CD I make next month.

OH!!! I don't believe it! See, I liked Julia better because she's prettier and has a better personality. But I'm very surprised she made it because I think Kimberly had the better voice. Oh well, who ever said America is smart?!?

OK, I’m liking Julia more even though I’m not nuts about her. But I am really glad Kimberly didn’t make it (yet). Like, I know she’s going to make it anyway as a wild card (even though she probably shouldn’t b/c she’s really not as good as they’re making her out to be). But she is really getting on my nerves! She keeps being miss social butterfly and she’s on camera ALL THE TIME! Enough already! She’s really getting on my last nerve. American Idol…NO!

Julia isn't great, but Kimberly is so annoying. And I hope we never get to see Kimberly's mom again. What's up with them eyebrows?

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There's definitely one thing that's true about the way this turned out tonight. I'm in tears inside. I might not show it now, but I'm in tears inside!

OK, I KNOW you’re not making fun of Charles. Harumph

grumpy.gif (9039 bytes) HAH! Good one, Cathy!!! Deb, nice old man noise! Been hanging around me too much, I guess.

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