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Week Three: The Top 12 emerges...


Scott (Sugar pie honey bunch) - Interesting song choice.  I didn't get to hear a lot of his voice in such a fast song, but I love the WAY he sang this song, the spin he put on it.  Wow, a lot of feeling in his singing.  Really good!  I still think he can be picking better songs though.

 Is this going to be an astrology show?  OK, whateva.  About Scott now.  Iím glad heís doing an up-tempo song.  A little stiff and I donít like him doing all the motions the song describes (kiss, wink, etc.) and dumb pose at the end.  However, I still totally dig his voice and I enjoyed it.  Heís still one of my faves.  Simon gave him a somewhat negative review but I think that might have done him a favor, when the judges all love someone it could cause them not to get as many votes b/c people assume that person is safe (remember this happened w/Tamyra in season 1 and nearly happened w/Ruben in season 2).  So Iím not unhappy that Simon dinged him a bit.  Oh, and Iím glad the performances are longer now.

Huh, guess I'm the only one that wrote down everyone's sign. Not sure why, but I did, so you're going to get them...I'll lead each comment with with that person's sign.

Taurus- It was nice to see him dance, it was a good, soulful performance, nice start to the evening. Should get him into the finals.

Bo (I'll be) - I hate this song.  He did a fine job but it was nothing too interesting.  I like him and think he's good but not nearly as much as you guys do.

Good song for him to sing (still reminds me of EJ Day though Ė how sad is it that I remember EJ Day but canít remember what I had for lunch yesterday).  Anyway, it was a good song for him b/c he had to show his softer side and do a ballad and this is a good one b/c itís not too sugary.  Very good, not great.  I like it when he rocks out.  Iím so glad the judges are on his side!  Simon really likes him which is especially cool b/c Simon did not want him in the top 24.  Heís a good guy with a nice personality and I wouldnít mind at all if he won. 

Scorpio- Good of him to mix it up, but it show that rock is really his thing. His voice was strong, though.

Damn, I thought I had a picture of EJ handy to post. I don't :( Not worth looking for as we're a few weeks behind, more important to just get these done...

Clay-doe (Some latin song) - Deb, I can't believe you just noticed his miracle scar!  Where have you been.  That was the first thing I looked for when they said he had that problem.  Anyway, much better song choice than before but still not what the competition is about this season.  Last season I might've liked him, but now he's really grating on me.

When the song first started I thought it was ďFeel like makiní loveĒ.  Imagine if he sang THAT?  Ha!  What song is this, is this Enrique?  First time Iíve ever liked miracle boy.  He nailed it.  Great performance, great singing.  He enjoyed himself.  I am impressed, he definitely made the finals.  That said, heís still not one of my favorites.

I like how everyone has switched it up so far.  Hope that continues.

Taurus- Dumb jacket, technically fine, but his style is weak...much like, I don't know, maybe...AIKEN???

It would be a big shame if he went far.

I do not like his song choices.

Nikko (Georgia on my mind) - Really really great.  He sang that so naturally that it was like he didn't even practice.  It was just so natural and a really great performance.  Interesting what simon said about it being bad in the middle but everyone will remember the last note, because I noticed the middle was that great, but after he finished it, I loved it because it's true that all you really remember is the last note.  Ya know?

Iím not nuts about the hat and I thought it was a bland performance until the very end.  I think it wonít be enough to keep him in the competition.  Cathy, Iím surprised you liked this as much as you did.

Taurus- Pretty voice, not a ton of emotion. It took him a while to get going. A gamble for him, and I think it paid off.

Travis (Every little step I take) - Was he serious?  I didn't like it at all! He is obviously on the edge of going home and is trying ANYTHING to stay.  So sad.  I mean, beat box?  uh, no!

This is the first time Iíve liked Travis, maybe b/c I miss Bobby Brown.  It was a fun performance and good energy.  Good vocals Ė not great.  I donít know if it was good enough to get to the finals though.  Ugh, Paula likes EVERYONE!   If they were REALLY judges they would each predict the bottom 2.  Iíd like to see that!

Aries- Vocals were a little weak, kinda breathy. Good performance, I think people will like the beat box thing...He could sneak in...

Mario (How can you mend a broken heart) - Not his best but a good change from his usual.  And...NO HAT!  Really not that good as far as singing goes on this song but I still like him.

Yes, good to see him lose the hat.  I think it was very good.  Unlike Nikko the whole performance was good, good vocals from beginning to end.  It wasnít over the top either, very refreshing.  Crazy shoes though!

Gemini- Nice vocals, but a bit syrupy. I know why he has been wearing the hat and can sum it up in one word: Guarini. I don't like him as much as the rest of the country seems to...

Constantine (Every little thing she does is magic) - See, I liked him in the beginning because he stood out as a good voice from a rocker and seemed like he REALLY cared about the competition and stuff, but now he's not doing anything interesting.  I like him less and less every week.  Gimme a break, Every little thing he does is SAFE!!!

Very clever Cathy!  I agree with everything you said.  I thought it was a bizarre song choice, although he did it better than I thought he would.  Heís affected though.  I just donít like it and I donít like him.

Virgo- Odd choice, his voice has a weird tone. This is actually my favorite performance of his. I'm not as pissed as I would've been last week if he makes it to the finals.

Anwar (What a wonderful world) - Interesting.  I'm not sure.  I liked what he did to the song, but he seemed kinda flat.  I don't know how I felt about this one, but I still really like him.

He needs to do a current song.  But he sang it beautifully.  He can sing.  What a great ending to the show.  Funny comment about him and Paula marrying.

Taurus- Pretty, like a Stevie Wonder version of this song. He finished great.

Fave 3 - Scott, Nikko, Anwar

My fave 3 are Bo, Anwar, and Scott

My fave 3 are Anwar, Bo and Scott

Bottom 2 - Constantine and Travis

I think the bottom 2 will be Nikko and Travis, although I would like them to be Constantine and Travis.

Nikko and Travis will be the bottom 2


Gimme a break, they're still doing this star crap?  Dumb!

Amanda (River deep mountain high) - I thought that was really great.  Fun song and started the night off well.  I thought her voice sounded really good.  Ok, even Paula wasn't excited about it.  I guess I suck!

 I thought it was OK.  I donít love her but she did well, albeit a little Great America-esque.  She didnít have any soul or charisma.  As Simon has been known to say, so what?

Gemini- She looks good, but her voice isn't very strong. Technically O.K., but she brings nothing to the song. She could be done.

Janay (Dreamin about you and me) - GO HOME JANAY!!!  Ouch!  Out of tune from the very first note to the very last.  And she NEVER looks comfortable.  If she makes it through, I'm flying out there and dragging her out myself.

I like that visual of you pulling Janay off the stage.  Anyway, it was her best so far, but still pretty weak.  I canít believe she has gotten as far as she has.  She canít perform!  If she gets to the finals it will be a crime.  I wish the judges werenít so hard on her, it could cause her fans to rally.  Itís why sheís lasted as long as she has.

Libra- Ugh. She's trying to look older. She's off key and there were a few bum notes. She does NOT belong in the Top 12.

Carrie (Because you love me) - Not as good as usual.  I still want her to stay 'cause she has a great voice and because I really wanna see what she can do with other genres.

Sheís so wholesome.  Again, the song isnít for me but she sings very well.  Still, not her best tonight but very good.  But I donít like it.

Pisces- Sugary, bland country AGAIN. Is she gonna pull a John Stevens in the Top 12, doing every theme in her preferred style? Will the finals be Country Girl vs. Rock or Soul Guy?

Vonzell (Respect) - Nope!  This did not come close to living up to the original and she didn't do anything to change it from the original.  Nice boots and hat though, JK.

Ridiculous outfit.  One of the worst renditions of this song Iíve heard.  So flat and boring, I hated it.

Pisces- Why the cowboy hat? The best so far tonight. Well done, not unique, seems like a safe choice. Reminds me of Kelly Roland of DC.

Nadia (Try a little tenderness) - Why is she wearing that stupid skirt?  Honestly, I wonder what they are thinking sometimes when they get dressed.  That was a crazy performance.  I DID NOT get it at all.  No, she does not have the x-factor.  I just don't get it.  Grrrrrr.

Iím with you, the skirt is dumb, and you already know how I feel about her fro.  I guess it was good, but I didnít really like it.  Maybe because everyone before her was bad Iím in a bad mood?  Iím sure everyone thinks itís great but I didnít love it.  I think Iím bothered b/c no one is singing from the heart tonight.

Capricorn- Soulful, nice transition from slow to fast. Spunky, good personality, nice performance. She's still my favorite of the girls.

Lindsey (Don't wanna miss a thing) - I don't get it.  Of all the songs in the entire world, why this song? I guess it ended up being better than I thought it would but I still hated it.  I just didn't like it.  Paula was right.  I'm a fan of her voice but I don't feel the songs she's picking.
Man, this episode sucks so far!!!

Is she drunk?  Sheís slurring her words.  Showed off that she doesnít have a strong voice.  Poor thing, she really tried hard but she just couldnít bring it.  Ugh Ė what a horrible night.

Aquarius- Good song for her voice, but I don't see a lot of star quality in her...

Mikalah (Somewhere) - Very very bad start.  Uh, very bad middle and end too.  Phew!  I was scared that by default she'd have to be in my top three, but she didn't let me down.  Awsom!

Very subdued.  The look and sound was dark and quiet.  I thought it was boring until the very end.  Iím so glad she didnít talk back to the judges, especially Simon.  Probably took a lot of control.

Capricorn- Too breathy, too Broadway. Tried hard to duplicate what she did last week. Not impressive, only showed life in the last three words.

Jessica (Boys are back in town) - Good start but the rest didn't live up to it.  Just kinda boring performance of a song I don't know.  Really bad outfit.

The best singer by far.  Interesting song.  Finally I actually liked the performance.  Glad it wasnít cheesy.  Had she smiled through it like Amanda it would have been terrible but I really enjoyed it.  She didnít overdo it.

Scorpio- Huh, I liked the outfit :) This was a decent performance of a weak song.

Man, this episode STUNK!  Honestly, if 2 guys didn't have to go home this week, I think four girls would be.

Totally agree!

I concur.

Top 3 - Amanda, Carrie, and thats it!  I refuse to pick a third.

My top 3 are Jessica, Mikalah, and Nadia.  And boy, it was really hard to pick 3.

My top 3 are Nadia, Vonzelle and Jessica.

Bottom 2 - Lindsey and JANAY!!!!!!!!!

My bottom 2 are Janay and Amanda, I also think they will be the 2 which get eliminated.

My bottom 2 are Janay and Lindsey.

Hey based on the results show, it turns out I was correct about the bottom 2 guys and girls Ė I rock!

Nice going, Deb!

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