idol.gif (4063 bytes) American Idol Update- Finals- Episode Two (The Elite 11)
The panel: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Seven, Episode One: The Elite Eleven

Ok, before the show starts I'll say this.  I'm going to wipe the slate clean for Trenyce and Cory.  I will give them another shot because maybe I was being a little harsh, however, no matter what I don't like Cory's attitude.   He always has a pimp attitude!  It bugs me.

Good enough. My "before the show" comment is that Ruben needs to start wearing something other than the same 205 shirts with the 205 written the same way. I’m not even against still having it be 205 but just in a different way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big big Ruben fan but his fashions are getting tired. 

I kinda like the 205 thing still. I like that he's getting different colors, etc. I think he should tailor it for each show. Like for soundtracks, he could have done "Rocky 2(05)". For Motown, he could do "Jackson (20)5". And so forth. It's his thing. He's representin'.

Hey, this is kinda cool- Official list of songs from last night

Cory (Take a look at me now) (7 rating) - I love that song, and I liked the high part.  I like when they change it a little, but not nearly the best.  Also, SPEAK ENGLISH! 

towelie.jpg (13126 bytes) He started off doing the RJ shuffle but shook it off pretty quickly. He doesn’t sound as good this week as he did last week. Kind of weak and shaky but he finished really well. What’s the dealio with the towel? Whateva.

Cathy wants the towel! Ryan Seacrest sweat.

Always remember to bring a towel! Cory was much weaker this weak, moves near the bottom middle of the pack for me. I think for a lot of the people with unusual voices in this competition, song choice will make them or break them.

I hope that this is an every week thing with the guest judge.   I love that.  I wonder if they put Gladys between Simon and Paula because Paula is always feeling Simon up and down.

After Trenyce I was also thinking that I really liked Gladys Knight as a judge too. (I guess I realized it a couple of people after you did). She did a great job last night. What a neat lady.

She was good- but I would like to see a guest judge come on with a little bit more of an edge. They verge on Paula territory with an awful lot of positive praise, but their comments are generally more focused than hers.

Ruben (A whole new world) (10+) - I no I say I love this guy, but I can't make you believe it enough.  His voice is just so damn amazing to me.  I don't wanna sound corny, but his voice is so gorgeous he almost brings tears to my eyes ( yeah yeah I know it's corny).  I mean, I know I loved Kelly's voice, but Ruben is like 10 times better than her even!  Plus, he doesn't even look like he's trying and he performs more than just singing.  He pulled me into that song.  JC he's amazing!

 Nice crazy use of "no" instead of "know". Future of America…

Anyway, back to Ruben. He sounded SO good! I just LOVE hearing him sing! The crowd totally loves him (did you hear the reaction after the first 3 notes???) and I am so glad he’s in this competition. He’s outstanding.

He was awesome. Simon is crazy when he says Clay is the guy to beat. It's Ruben's world- Clay's just livin' in it.

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trenyce.jpg (18323 bytes) Trenyce (I have nothing) (9) - Uh oh, I'm nervous because this will be a difficult song and the judges hate when they do Whitney.  Well, we'll see.  Look is exponentially better!  Wow, that was really good.  I liked how she slowed it before the big loud part came.  That performance put me in my place I guess!

I didn’t like the dress but only b/c her boobs looked strange in it. The singing was great. She did a Whitney Houston song and really pulled it off! Very good strong voice. Awsom job!

Ok, back to Trenyce.  I really disagree with Simon's comment about her clothes.  I mean, Ruben looked fine in what he wore, but he didn't sing this song either.  She would have looked like a fool if she were that underdressed for a song like this.  Poor Simon, he's really losing his touch!

 I think that you make a good point Cathy. I kind of see where Simon was coming from but if you’re going to do that song you need to dress the part. I have to say I’m with Cathy on this one.

The dress was dumb for the reason Deb gave (though it didn't bother me too much :) ). I kinda agree with Simon on kids dressing like kids, but it also makes sense what Cathy said. I think dressing up for a song like this is good- just not THAT dress! BTW, I really liked her performance, but not as much as last week's. I didn't know this song, and I'm not a huge fan of the diva school of singing. But overall, I'd have to say...She POOED it off!!!

Simon's mum, that was cute. 

Clay (Somewhere out there) (9) - I love this song.   He better do it justice!  Wow, he did great.  I really liked it (except the last corny note) especially how he changed the rhythm a little.  I like that, it shows they know a lot about music.

Yeah, that last note was a little weak. But very good besides that. Notice how Simon’s trying to lift him up in the competition. I think he thinks that Clay is more "marketable" and has more "mass appeal" then Ruben. It’s funny how they make subtle comments but it really changes the course of the whole show.

This was good, the kid can sing, but he's still swings too close to Broadway for my tastes.

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So far Gladys is giving really great comments.  They seem so sincere.  She's a good egg.  Also, this IS a great show tonight.   They're all blowing me away so far.  The good news is that we'll probably know instantly who's voted off tomorrow because it'll probably be obviously. 

 Totally agree! She was great. I was also thinking at this point that this was a great show but most of the weaker ones hadn’t performed yet. It was nice not having to wait until the end of the show to see Ruben but I wasn’t sure after this point if I was going to really love anyone else (and I didn’t).

It was interesting how the talent was backloaded last week, frontloaded this week. Gotta love random order!

Brandine.jpg (9181 bytes) Kimberly (Shoop shoop) (8) - Eh, it was good but Cher did it better.  I think she's a good performer but annoying because I know she's not just performing.  It's her normal annoying personality. 

 Good song for her. I still don’t love her singing (a.k.a. yelling). And she needs to just shut up, she talks way too much. However, I think the way she handled Simon’s negative comments was very classy. I’m a little encouraged b/c I don’t think she’s really that good and it seemed for a long time that they were grooming her to be in the top 3 or so this time around. But now it seems like they’ve stopped playing that game. I honestly think that she will be in the bottom 3 either next week or the week after.

Simon's comment was spot on. And the mugging to the camera is getting infuriating. I think the voters will keep her around far too long however (are you listening, Nikki?)

Joshua (Don't wanna miss a thing) (6) - Sounds kinda country.   I don't necessarily like it, but it's a neat change to the song.  I've definately seen better from him.  He's got a great voice if he wants to go into country.  And a good look for it.  Hmmm, interesting.  Simon made him chose and now he's country.  I don't think that was the best choice if he wants to be an american idol.  Ya know?  But great for his voice.

 I say good for Joshua! He’s country and he’s being true to himself. I think he realizes that if brought out the country right away he wouldn’t have gotten this far. He’s probably not going to win this competition but he’s headed right towards a sweet country music contract I think. Anyway, I do think he did a good job with the song. I guess if I lived in a hick town in the sticks, like say Creston, I’d probably love him. It was not my style but he did a very nice job with it.

BTW, I think that Cathy’s right. Being country won’t win you this competition but I don’t think he would have won it anyway.

Good job. Nice twist to that song- I wouldn't be surprised he released that version at some point. And I agree with Cathy, he won't win- but I think he's decided he'd rather be a country superstar (which I think he has the potential to be) than star in the "From Joshua to Ruben" movie. I think that's a good move.

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carmen.jpg (26768 bytes) Carmen (Hopelessly devoted to you) (7) - Wonderful pic for her.  Last week didn't you even mention that she looked like Olivia?  How funny!   I like the way she walked around and moved during the performance.  Very natural looking.  There's something interesting and different about her voice that I really like, but her virbratto is too fast.  I wish they'd fix that.  I agree that it took her time to get into the voice.  Ok, I'm going to KILL Simon Cowell for that crappy Dixie Chicks comment.  Grrrrr! 

 Vibraaaaaato. Too squeaky and vibrato-ey. That Dixie Chicks comment was hilarious. Poor angry Cathy!

I did not like her. Carmen, welcome to the bottom 3. I liked the Dixie Chick comment, too. Topical and funny. BTW, she's only going half country, which is a problem. She needs to go the Joshua route or go home. Interesting side note: the idolonfox site has about six pictures for most folks, only two for Carmen. I guess that's because she was a late addition, but still...

Go Kelly Clarkson!!!  It looks super corny but I can't wait to see that movie!  Woo hoo, she's gonna sing. 

 I think you might be the only one in the theatre. That movie does look soooooo corny. I think they’re trying to appeal to the 10-13 age bracket. Also, that’s REALLY weird that Justin and Kelly made out in this movie. Major ick! I feel yucky all over. BTW, she looks crazy with all the black eye shadow. Yikes!

Yeah, she looks NUTS. I'll go see the movie with you, Cathy- I think it'll be funny for the wrong reasons, but worth seeing.

Charles (You can't win) (8) - He might win me over with a MJ song!  Great performance.  I wish his singing were a little stronger, but very peppy and fun to watch.  He was very expressive.

 It was nice but I agree that his voice needed to be a little stronger or louder or something. His performance was just missing something this week.

I liked his energy, but the song was weak. He needs to really bring it to hang in with the stronger voices. He didn't quite do it.

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ricky.jpg (15327 bytes) Ricky (It might be you) (6) - Great movie but I can't place the song yet.  Well, it was an ok song and he sang it well, but I didn't htink it was the best slow pick for his voice. 

 Really pretty. Very good. I like him a lot, he is SUCH a good kid.

I liked this quite a bit, this was a great song for him. I really like his voice- unique like Clay's, but not as over the top. BTW, Debbie, the original was by Steven Bishop, who also recorded the song "On and On".

Julia (What a feeling) (3) - I have a feeling this will be a corny performance.  Btw, the part of her interview when she was au natural was really good.  She gets herself too done up a lot of the time.  Nice crimped hair btw.   Ok, good singing but really nothing special.  Now how would some of the others done this song?!?!?  Also, gay dancing.  I'm just sayin'.

 She seems nervous, but I can’t blame her b/c I think her time is just about up and she knows it. Oh, she was terrible, out of her element. Nice crimpety hair though. She’s out tonight (and I think she’ll be kind of relieved).

I liked the Flashdance sweatshirt, too. She knows she's in too deep here. See you in the hair salon, Clamato!

Girlfriend's gonna be voted off.  That's my prediction!   She is last year's Nikki, just hanging on by a single thread and totally doesn't belong.  I don't htink she'll be voted off.  I think she'll be there WAY longer than she should, 'till the point that she is praying to be voted off.  Although I hope I'm wrong.  I want her outta there!

Nope, I think she’s gone tonight. I think Kimberly Caldwell will be this year’s Nikki. 

Kimberly- this year's Nikki
Julia- this year's Ryan
But who, oh who, will rise to the claim the title of RATBOY???

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kimberly2.jpg (18142 bytes) Kimberly L (Home) (8) - That was one of her much better performances.  Still not my fave.  I don't know if I'd rave about it like some of them did.  I wonder if she can really be consistently good.  ya know?

 Way better than last week, but how about doing a song we know?!?! But it was a very good song for her and she did a very nice job with it. She was near the bottom last week and I really hope she does not wind up in the bottom 3 this week b/c she did really much better and I hope America sees that.

She did better, but enough with Wizard of Oz related songs! (This is the Wiz equivalent of Somewhere Over The Rainbow). I think her personality (especially) and lack of a more recognizable song will keep her in the bottom 3.

Ouch for Ejay Day. 

Totally! Poor EJ, that was mean!

EJ is going to get Seacrest for that...with his spatula!

Wow, Kelly's new song was Fuh-nominal!  I can't wait till April 15th!  I'm gonna see if I can preorder it on

 Ugh, way too over the top.

Got to agree with Deb here- it was hard to sit through for me...

Ok, my prediction is that Julia might be voted off.  The bottom three are Julia, and. . . no one else really.  she's the only consistenly bad one. 

My bottom 3 are Julia, Carmen, and Charles, in that order. I do think the Clamato glass is half empty. Bye Julia! My top 3 are Ruben, Trenyce, and Clay.

Bottom three (lowest to highest): Julia, Carmen, Kimberly
Top three (highest to lowest): Ruben, Trenyce, Ricky (and I have Joshua in fourth).

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