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Week Nine: Seventies Dance Music

I don't know, this could get corney and annoying.  70's is easily me least fave decade of music.  We'll see what happens.

First of all, isnít 70ís Dance Music more commonly known as Disco?  I guess theyíre scared to use the D-word.  Second of all, itís a shame that Nadia isnít in the competition any more, she would have been good this week.  Oh well.

When they announced the theme, I wondered if they called it that to stretch the theme for those who may shy away from disco (Bo, I'm looking in your direction). Turns out I was right...

Cathy- I liked your "70's is easily me least fave decade of music" comment- way to stay true to your Pirate upbringing...

Constantine (Nights on broadway) - I thought that was pretty bland.  Nothing special and it didn't give him any good chances to really show off his voice.

At first I was like, ďeye makeup, wowĒ.  Then I got a good look at his face and saw that he was totally made up, including highlights in his hair!  He looked like a woman (or Scott Wyland from Stone Temple Pilots, more recently from Velvet Revolver).  Anyway, he looked like he was genuinely having fun with it and I liked that.  He does have a good attitude and thatís refreshing.  Some of the contestants seem to mope when itís a theme theyíre not nuts about and that irritates me.  The performance was good but not great.  His loyal fans will love it but I donít think it will make him any new fans. 

 Good song for him, creepy drug addict eye makeup.  Cheesy as usual but not awful.  Crazy, crazy ending. And I have to agree with Deb about his attitude. And I think he knows he's mugging to the camera and pouting a lot- and he knows that it's working. The little girls are eating it up..

When did Scott become Scotty the Body?

Hello!  Where have you been?

They have been saying that for weeks, Cathy...

Carrie (MacArther park) - I don't know this song real well, but I think it was a good choice to do a slower song.  Ok, I don't like how she's singing it and I hate when she does her hair like this.  Yup, I thought that was pretty damn crappy.  Ok, all three judges liked it.  I can't always be right, can I?
I like that you misspelled ďArthurĒ even though itís our fatherís name.  Ohmigod, that is SO funny.  What is up with her hair?!  Itís beauty queen hell.  And a VERY bad dress on her.  Her vocals were too quiet, most of the song she sounded drowned out.  No dancing, just marching around on the stage.  Big finish but it wasnít enough to save the performance.  I didnít like it.  Oh, and Simon was right on the money when he said ďBarbie meets Stepford WivesĒ.  Totally!

Crazy hair Ė I think the stylists did coke to get in the theme.  She moved stiffly, had moments of brilliance and moments of boredom.

So far 2 songs by people who have been guest judges on the show.  Interesting.

Not too surprising- AI is good at helping those who help them...I'm beginning to wonder if some of those guest spots were tied into to allowing AI rights...

Scott (Everlasting love) - I think this is an excellent song choice for him.  Ok, it parts of it were kind of lacking energy but for the most part it was good.  The other thing I didn't like about it is hard to describe on email.  It was those grunty notes where they're trying to really get into it, like Carrie kept doing last week.  It's just like they're trying too hard.  It gets too corney.

I wish it was sung with a bigger voice.  I also wish he moved a little more too.  Good but not great.

Great song for his voice.  He did a nice job with it.  Nothing really surprising or unique but a real solid performance.

Ok, did you catch when Simon took too long to give his comments, and Scott totally checked his watch.  Fuh-nny!

I didnít catch that, too funny!

Anthony (Don't take away the music) - What is this total white boy gonna sing?  Wow, his voice totally sounds like Barry Manilow.  I don't know this song, but it's possible he picked the best possible song for his voice and style.  He is not going home this week.  I'm not happy about that, but it's a fact.  That was good...for him.

Very broadway!  His voice is great though, and I agree with your prediction that he will not go home this week.  Unfortunately, I just canít get down with this song, or this singer for that matter.  I really canít wait for him to be gone.

Cheesy, gay, night clubby.  He has done the gayest songs.  Same as always, technically fine but soulless. Cathy, you're not far off with the Manilow, decent comparison.

Vonzelle (I'm every woman) - She is just having so much fun these last few weeks.  You can tell she's not even nervous.  Great outfit too.  I thought that was really great.  The sound was a little weird but I think that in person it was perfect.  I loved how she started slow and then totally kicked it out of the park at the end.

Easily the best so far tonight.  She moved well, sounded great, great song choice, and looked great.  Very entertaining.  In a sense, tackling Whitney (again) and doing it justice (again).

She looked good, natural performance.  Good solid vocal, strong but relaxed.  Really nice job.

Anwar (September) - Oh man, I hate this song.  I swear I hear it every single day.  Why did it come back?  Awkward song.  Oh man, if he goes home because of his idiotic song choice this week I'll be pissed.  I don't know.  I think he's going home and mom thinks I'm crazy.  I'll watch this performance again before I pick my bottom three.

Itís bizarre that you hear this song every single day.  It doesnít seem to be old enough for the oldies station.  It must be some DJís favorite song.  Anyway, I thought this was a little flat at points.  I was hoping for a lot when I saw he was going to do this song.  But it was all pretty boring for me.  He danced terribly.  I didnít really like it, and as a matter of fact I think heís going home this week too.

Verses were good, a little disappointed he didnít try the high notes of the chorus, but that was probably wise.  Excellent energy.

Bo (Vehicle) - What a kawinky dink.  He I would descibe my dancing the same as he does.  Oh, I know this song. I love this one.  I totally jam to this in the car.  This is a windows open, jam as loud as you want so the people in the car next to you are staring, kinda song.  That kicked total butt!

I love this song, but it is NOT a dance song.  Great energy.  I actually liked that ending too.  I liked it, not fave of his but I liked it.

Not disco!  I guess thatís why they said, ď70ís dance musicĒ.  If Carrie can do disco, Bo should too.  Sounded karaoke to me, not great.

Fave 3 (Ok, to be fair, I'm gonna say best 3 performances of the night rather than my fave three because that changes the last name): Bo, Vonzelle, Anthony (ouch, it hurt to type that last name)

Top 3 Ė Vonzell, Scott, Bo.  Gees Ė you have Anthony in your top 3?

Top 3 Ė Vonzell, Scott, Anwar. My top three has been, is now, and always will be, Anthony free.

Bottom 3: Carrie, Constantine, Anwar.  Going home: Anwar (eh, I still didn't see anything too special about it. See ya!)

Bottom 3 Ė Anthony, Carrie, Anwar.  I agree that Anwar is going home.

Bottom 3 Ė Bo, Constantine, Anthony.  Anthony is going home. I WILL be right if I keep saying this...he cannot win this, and he can't last much longer...


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