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Writing to you from the judges table, Coke products strategically placed: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Six: The 90's

Theme: The 90's (cool theme)

I agree.  I also like that we get to see the contestants being given the theme for the following week’s show.  That’s kinda fun.

Bo (Remedy) - Jeeze, perfect song for him!  He's really kicking butt the last couple of weeks. Damn, that was GOO-OOOOD!  It seems like he's performed this a million times.  I'd like to see him do some songs he has never done before.  "I'm mooooved" was a corny joke though.  Grrrr.

First of all, how does one sleep on a guitar case?  Whateva.  Second of all, what’s with the hat?  I’m not lovin’ it.  Now, I love Bo but this wasn’t my favorite of his.  His voice wasn’t suited to the song really well and he didn’t add much to the song.  But the judges table stuff (him running around on top of it I mean) and giving the hat to Paula were cool.  He’s a good performer.  Overall I did really like it.  I’m just pretty critical of him b/c I’ve grown to expect a lot.

Dumb hat, good stage presence. The vocals are second to the performance, but they're still good. He's not the best singer of the 10, but he could be the best entertainer.

And I think you "sleep on a guitar case" by using it as a pillow. Here's how you sleep in a guitar case- Cathy, this pic is for you...

Cuuuute! (I'm commenting on behalf of Cathy)


Jessica () - Uh, there are much better Leann Rimes songs than this one.  Very disappointing.  And if she loves the Dixie Chicks so much, then why didn't she do one of their songs.  It was nice but I think she's done better.  Simon was right about her being forgettable, and choosing a bad song of the ones available.  He was wrong about her having to work harder than the rest.

I don’t know/like the song b/c I’m not into country, that said she did an amazing job.  Great vocals and nice performance.  She’s still one of my favorites

Enough of the country. Strong voice, boring song.

Anwar (I believe I can F-ing fly)  Can you tell I hate this song?  Although, it does fit him I guess.  Wow, he did a really good job though.  Oh, I agree with Randy about him being a little pitchy when he's singing lower.  I think that this could be his single if he does win because they can really make it sound extra great in a studio

You just don’t like this song b/c R Kelly has that naughty video of you and him.  Anyway, I totally agree with what Randy and Simon had said.  I thought his vocals were off at the beginning, kind of warbully.  Good to hear him really let go at the end though, he needed something big like that.  So, the first half was bad but the second half was great.

Nice vocal, he really brought his own thing to this song. He sand with a lot of passion and I thought overall it was very good.

Nadia (I'm the only one) - Oh Nadia.  What you're trying to say is the 90s were when you realized you were a lesbo?  JK.  No offense to out thousands of gay fans out there!  Anyway, when she told her little story, I thought she would come out with straight hair.  That would've ruled.  Ok, about the performance.  Great song choice for her, but she just sang it average.  I didn't see anything special out of her for two weeks in a row.

Cathy – funny lesbo comment.  I didn’t like her goofy Elvis snarl face.  She kind of sounded poppy to me.  She tried to sing it “down and dirty” but it didn’t come across as genuine to me.  Overall just OK for me. Most of the time I’m not nuts  about her.

I dig this song and I dig this girl. She's very comfortable on stage and has a lot of energy. Papa like.

Constantine (I can't make you love me) - He CAN NOT call himself a rocker anymore.  He could've done total rock or grunge and chose to do corny.  I thought I'd hear some Nirvana or Pearl Jam, but no.  What's that all about?  His voice definitely sounds great, but he doesn't add anything special like the rest do.  Ok, here's what I think about him.  He was a rocker when it started, but then Bo came into the pic and he's better than Constantine, so he can't be a rocker anymore.  So, he switched to more mainstream, but that puts him in the same group as the rest of them, and Constantine really can't compete with the rest of them.  I think he's just a place holder until the rest of the crappy people go home (Anthony, I'm looking in your direction) and then he's gonna be on the chopping block.

I don’t care what the judges say, I think you’re totally correct Cathy.  (Gees, did I just say that?!)  Besides that, his chin looks like a butt, and what’s with the hand in the hair all the time and his intense face.  DUMB!  It was OK, not great or bad.  Kind of boring for me.

Do any 13 year olds actually buy this? Bad song choice, the vocals are O.K. but his mannerisms are super cheesy.

Ok, so I just heard the judges comments about Constantine.  Hey, a girl can't be right all the time, eh?

Yes you can, all the time.

Um...a girl can be right all the for Cathy...well...say, isn't Nikko next?

Nikko (Can we talk for a minute) - Frustrating.  I totally recognized the words to that song, but I COULD NOT place it.  At first I thought it was TLC, but that's not right but now I don't know.  I thought that performance rocked!  So cool that he could take a song I know, and do something to it that made it irrecognizable to me.


I LOVED it from beginning to end.  Great performance, great stage presence, great vocals.  I just totally dug it.  However, I didn’t know the song and as good as he is he really needs to start singing songs people know if he wants to get far in this competition (this was pointed out to me by Tim and I agree – just had to give credit where credit is due)

Now I'll sound repetitive...but he's got to pick songs more people know. He does this very urban R & B style really well, but I don't know if that will be enough. I really can't see him winning this competition.

Anthony "last chance" Federov (Something about the way you look tonight) - Ok, I hate when they start sitting down and then not even 2 seconds into the song, the get right up.  That shows me that it was completely choreographed and not coming from their heart as they are singing.  I DID NOT like that.  Nothing special at all.  I feel the same as Randy.  "It was all right.  It was all right, it was all right.  It was definitely all right."

He got rid of his glasses, interesting.  Maybe they’re trying to sexy him up a little.  Good luck.  Well, it was good vocals but just way too Clay-like.  To me he’s so tired.  I’m ready for him to be gone. 

Yawn. Clinically fine, no emotion. And singing this and the George Michael/Aretha song last week- way to come out on national T.V., miracle boy!

Carrie (Let freedom ring) - Of course I don't like country, but I'm glad that she went back to it.  It's nice to hear her do her thing every once in a while.  Just not every week, please!

God, what a CHEESY song.  Great vocals and performance though.  This is so cheesy!  I can feel Tim being angry at the TV.  There are some staggeringly bad country songs and this is one of them.  But apparently there are a lot of people that like this (the Walmart crowd – although I shouldn’t say that b/c I shop at Walmart all the time).  She could sell a gazillion records.

My notes delicately refer to this song as a "Nashville Network P.O.S." She did O.K. with it but the song is DANGEROUSLY cheesy. Strong voice, cheesy material.

Scott (I guess I'm down to my last cry) -  I hate to say it, but I thought that was pitchy.  Other than the pitchy times I liked it.  Could've picked a much better song though.  Bummer!  I like that Paula is always positive and makes them feel good, but seriously.  She needs to learn that it's ok to let them down gently and she needs to put her feelings aside when one of her favorites is up there because she's way easier on her faves.

I get so tired of Paula, she’s useless.  Everyone is really great according to her.  I wish she would just be a judge and actually do some judging.  Whateva.  Scott’s performance was fine.  I used to really like him but he’s losing that “it” factor for me.  Bottom 3 this week.  BTW, his super skinny moustache is no good.

He could have picked a better song. He was a little pitchy, but pretty good. His shirt is shiny.

Ok, so Ryan said we'll be back before you can figure out what happened to right said fred.  So I'm watching with mom and said, hey, do you know who right said fred is, and then I started singing it and she got really excited.  She asked if she could buy that as a single still and I told her to tell Tim she wants it.  So Tim...guess what your next job is.  She only wants that one song sometime when you have the time.  :)  You're welcome!

Maybe we can make a mixed CD for her.  I’m sure there are some other fun songs she’d like.

Duly noted.


Vonzelle (I have nothing) - Oh Vonzelle, Whitney?  Are you sure you wanna try this?  Great hair though!  Wow, she did great.  You could tell she was nervous during some of the bigger notes, but she hit them all (as far as I could tell).

Wow, she looks really good, they do a great job on her.  Now, this is a really hard song to sing (hello, it’s Whitney), but she did it justice.  What a way to finish the show.  She’s really come into her own.

We have heard so many people do this and she NAILED it. She's really taken off now.

This is getting tough to pick the bottom 3.

Fave 3:  Bo, Anwar, Vonzelle

My favorite 3 are Nikko, Vonzell, and Bo

Favorite 3: Vonzelle, Nadia, Nikko

Bottom 3:  Nadia, Anthony, Constantine (Scott would be a close 4th though)

It was easy picking 2 of the 3 – Anthony and Scott.  The other in the bottom 3 is Anwar.  I could be totally off this week though.  I nearly said Jessica instead of Anwar.  We’ll see…

Bottom 3: Miracle Baby Anthony, Scott and Jessica. Jessica is going home. She and Carrie do the same thing now, and Carrie is cuter so she'll stick around.

And darn it if I wasn't right yet again...

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