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Week Ten: Music of the last five years

Theme: Millenium to now - Another interesting, yet vague theme.

I like this theme in that hopefully everyone will be able to sing songs that mean something to them.  I always like performances better when the person is passionate about the song

Carrie (Some country song) - Dumb song.  I think she's just trying too hard lately and it's sad.  She might be gone this week.  And I think she knows it which is why she went back to country.

Itís actually good to see her get back to her country roots.  Gees, she can not dance at all!  It wasnít loud enough and not enough energy.  The song didnít showcase her voice either.  Good for country I guess, but just so-so for AI.

Fine for what it is.  Iíll stand by my no country on AI opinion.  What POS song is this anyway?  This song lasted FOREVER for me.

Bo (I don't wanna be anything...) - I hate this song.  Grrrr!  And nice outfit.  He sang it fine, but it was very hard for me to like it.

Great song for him.  I really liked his performance.  Very comfortable there, not stiff at all (unlike Carrie).  Sounded great, great energy, I really liked it.  Bo is back!  Iím so glad the judges all loved him too.

Crazy outfit, did well with a shitty song.  Made it his own.  Good job.  You could smell the weed over the TV set.  And the GO BO signs remind me of the BOGO ad campaign that Starr Jones is doing for Payless.

Hey, if there was any doubt who the real rocker is on AI, read this.

Vonzelle (I turn to you) - Man, that was not as good as I know it could've been.  Kind of a bummer.  Well, it did pick up toward the end, but still nothing too special.  By default I think she'll be the best one though.

I understand sheís swell.  I donít even know this, she could have chosen a better song.  But she sounded great.  Very nice!  That was Christina (you know, Xtina)?  I didnít even know.  No voice on Tuesdays huh, only notes?  Sheís a diva already.

Not a great song - is this a bad decade for popular music, or what?  She did a great job with it, lots of passion.  Sweet ending.  Crazy diva move with the writing notes.

Anthony (I surrender) - Ok, I'm NOT a Celine fan, but I know she has better songs than this one.  Seriously, I really don't understand why they choose the songs they choose sometimes.  Ok, that was not very good.  It wasn't horrible, but not good either.  I do think he's gone this week unless Scott really f's up.  Scott just needs to lay low to stay in the competition this week.  Ok, Simon liked it?  What-e-va!

POS song.  Have I said before I CANíT STAND the songs he chooses?  That said, it was his best performance yet b/c he was actually singing it with feeling.  Turned out to be a great song for him, a breakthrough performance for him.  I canít believe the judges didnít like him actually.

 What is this gay song?  See what I said all of the previous weeks, his voice is strong, but his style is weak.  This was a good song for him.

Constantine (Are we having fun yet) -  Ok, mom loved Constantine before?  Now she knows he's from Brooklyn.  now she LOVES him!!!  Dumb song!  He messed up a lot of the words!!!!!  Man, that sucked.

Wow, I didnít realize he messed up words.  Iím just getting tired of the growly faces and the hair flips and the kicks at the camera and the poser tough guy rocker persona.  It rings fake to me.  I thought it was actually pretty boring b/c I just donít buy into it.  Terrible.  Iím glad Simon also commented that it didnít seem real.  Mom likes him?  I donít see how anyone can buy into his fake rocker persona.

 Worse song please!  A pseudo rock song for a pseudo rocker.  Seemed pitchy.  Weak.

Scott (Dance with my father again) - Nice song choice.  Tough because the original dude that sings this has such a nice voice, but I think he did most of the song justice.  A few bad parts, but definitely not the worst this week.

I donít love this song but he sang it very pretty.  Not an AI performance though.  Kind of boring actually.  Scott is going home, that performance wonít make people want to pick up the phone and vote for him.

 Interesting song for him, a little pitchy in parts.  Not sure it will have enough appeal for America.

Oh man, I was the opposite of the judges and of mom this week.  I can't wait to see what happens.  Man, I didn't really like any of the performances this week.

3 Fave: Vonzelle, Bo, and Scott (hard to pick a fave 3 this time)

Top 3:  Bo, Vonzelle, and Anthony

Top 3:  Vonzelle, Bo, and Scott

3 Bottom:  Carrie, Anthony, and Constantine.  Going home: Carrie

Bottom 3 will be Scott, Carrie, and Constantine.  I would loooove for Constantine to go home but it will be Scott.

My bottom 3 are Carrie Underpants, Anthony Votemov, and Constantine.  Iíd really like to see Constantine go.  However, the actual bottom 3 will be Carrie, Constantine and Scott, and Scott will go home.

As of this writing we now know that it was Constantine who was voted off.  And I feel bad for him (and any AI contestant that gets voted off) b/c he and his family seem very nice.  I also liked that Constantine came right out and said that he want to win this competition.  Itís surprising how the contestants donít usually admit that.  That said, I think he never should have made it this far b/c heís just not that good.  It was surprising that he got voted off though b/c he did have quite a following.  But I think he got voted off b/c heís still splitting votes with Bo.  The fact that both of them have made it this far means theyíre both exceedingly popular.  The 5 left, Anthony, Scott, Carrie, Vonzelle, and Bo are each very unique.  Not as much vote-splitting from here on out.  Itís going to get interesting!


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