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Week Eleven: Music of Lieber & Stoller and this weeks Billboard charts

Themes:  Lieber and Stohler (spelling???), and This week's Top 40.  I think the second half of that theme is gonna SUCK bigtime!  I hate current music right now.  Grrrrrr!

Yeah, itís Leiber and Stoler, not that I care about the spelling.  I wasnít too excited to hear about this, didnít think Iíd know many of the songs (I was right).  Very excited about them doing current songs Ė although I wound up not knowing too many of those either!  I am glad however that theyíre doing 2 songs tonight.


Anthony 1 (Poison ivy) - Mom is like jamming to this and I've never heard it.  What a goof ball though, huh?  Ha ha, I was bored with the song so I was checking out that picture of Deckle you sent me instead.  What a freakin' cutie!  As for the performance, it sucked.  Good-bye Miracle Boy!!!  :)

Funny that Mom liked it!  I bet she loves hearing them do songs she knows/loves.  Well, I just got over a severe case of poison ivy, yet I found this performance even more painful.  It was pretty boring, didnít show off his vocals, and he sounded weird Ė kind of breathy.  Not so good.

BTW, glad you liked the picture of Dec.  When I took it Chloe was coming towards him and I didnít know if sheíd be in the picture or not.  When I saw the picture on the computer I had to laugh b/c all you see are her hands coming at him.  Too funny! (Click to the pic to enlarge)

Crazy, gay arrangement.  Weird vocals Ė itís as though heís taunting America to vote him off.

Scott 1 (On broadway) - I know this is gonna kick butt!!  Great song.  Really really bad...haircut that is.  As for the song, I liked it a lot.  If he hits his 2nd song, he's definately staying at least one more week.

Great song for him.  Heís trying really hard (in a good way).  He had fun with it in a genuine way, like Anthony TRIED to do but failed.  This was much better than Anthony, really really good.

Vocals are good.  Nice choice, made it his own.  With that performance heís still in this competition.

Vonzelle 1 (Treat me nice) - Cute song for her even though I don't know it.  She makes it look effortless lately.  I really think she's gonna win.  It'll come down to her and Bo, and she's gonna win.

Very fun and sassy. Great look and vocals.  Nice job!  I think itís going to come down to Bo and Carrie and Bo will win.  I think Vonzell will be #3.

She updated the song, good stage presence.  Song wasnít great but she did well with it.

I was just thinking about it.  Ya know what Anthony did?  He picked an easy first song that he wouldn't have to work very hard on so that he could hit the second one out of the park.  I think that's cheap and lazy.  I really hope that Simon realizes that and mentions it.

Bo 1 (Stand by me) - Oh yeah, I think he can do this song really well.  Man, that was great.  All in tune (as far as my amature ears could tell).  I had a little problem with the way he was moving, like he was moving to a different song, but it was still really good

I really liked his version (except the backing vocals and thatís not his fault).  That was awesome!  Itís hard to do a song everyone knows, itís a big risk but he did so well with it.  The risk paid off.

Really nice job, brought something to a song everyone knows.  I think this was one of his best performances, up there with ďWhipping PostĒ.

Carrie (Trouble) - I HATE ELVIS!  Grrrrr.  She's driving me crazy lately.  I almost want her to go home more than Anthony.  Oh man, I think the audience is gonna like it.  I mean, it was good but I just don't like her.  I'm tired of her.

She can sing but she canít pull off ďbad girlĒ at all!  It was fine, good vocals, but no soul.  Randy and Simon liked this?!  Whateva!  She just really has no personality.

I saw Danzig do this song in concert, it was much better. 

Growly and forced, she sang, ďIím evilĒ and is far from it. 

< Glenn Danzig, on the other hand, may indeed be evil.

Very weak.


Anthony 2 (Incomplete) - I told you.  He sucks.  Go home Anthony!  Btw, I've never heard that song.  BSB are back on the charts?

Cheesy song but he did REALLY well.  Really passionate.  His best ever.  After the performance when I found out who it was I thought, ĎThis is the Backstreet Boys?  Theyíre back on the charts?í  So it was pretty funny to see your comment.

Ugh.  Who is voting for this clown?  I donít know this song Ė if it ever came on Iíd turn it off.  How many years until he and Clay tour together?

Scott 2 (??) - Don't know that song, but I think it was perfect for him.  He seemed so natural singing the word Homies.  I think he had two good performances this week.

Really good.  I love his passion tonight.  He doesnít care that Simon said to pack his bags last week, he came out fighting and I like that.  Great job!

 The backing vocals didnít help him- they seemed mumbly.  Seems like a hard song to sing Ė too bad this was his 2nd song and not his first.  He did OK.

Vonzelle 2 (When you tell me that you love me) - Didn't someone already sing this song this season?  I think it was Carrie.  It was very good anyway.  Oh, that's right.  It was the one they all sing.  Well, that's dumb.  She's been practicing it all season and she still had off notes.  What ever.

I really hate this song Ė itís so cheesy.  It was fine I guess.

Nice, not a great song.  Excellent vocals on a weak song.

Ok, did I not understand the theme this week.  I thought the second song was songs from this weeks top 40.  Are any of these songs in the top 40 this week.

I thought the same thing.  Well, I know the Idols song is b/c it sold a gazillion copies right away Iím sure.

Also, it could be on ANY Billboard chart this week- R&B, Pop, Adult Contemporary, even (grr) Country...

Bo 2 (How far is heaven) - Ok, I know this one.  I hate it, but I think it's perfect for him.  It was good.  It wasn't terrific or anything, but really good.  He's definately staying.

Awsom again!  Great night for him.  He took a song Iím not nuts about but I really enjoyed it.  Heís way my fave.  BTW, itís endearing to me that you always spell the word definitely wrong.  I sometimes correct it, but from now on I wonít b/c I think itís cute. 

This is still on the charts?  A good song for him.  Not a fantastic song, he did really great with it.

Carrie2 (??) - Good but boring.  That's all I really have to say about it.

Too quiet at first.  Donít know this song.  Good singing, but no passion.  Boring for me.

Boring, country, poop

Top 2:  Vonzelle and Bo

I rank them in order from best to worst:  Bo, Vonzell, Scott, Anthony, Carrie

Best to worst:  Bo, Scott, Vonzell, Anthony, Carrie

Bottom 3:  Anthony, Scott, and Carrie.  Goodbye Anthony!!!

The Bottom 3 will be Anthony, Scott, and Vonzell.  Anthony will go home.

Bottom 3 will be Anthony, Scott, and Carrie.  Carrie is going home.

Well, we all had Scott  in our bottom 3 but I think we all hoped he would stay. Not suprised he didn't, he has had a lot of close calls. And as Deb said, there was really no chance he would win, so it's alright he's no longer around.

So long, Scotty the Body (who ate too much biscotti). I will not rhyme his name with potty. Nope, won't do it.


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