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More famous than Dianne Warren: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Eleven, Episode One: The Super Six

Who's this Diane chick?!?!? Aaaah, good songs. This should be a really good show. I'm just gonna say, I really really really really want Carmen to sing Can't Fight the Moonlight! That would be a good song for her!!!

She already did that song though didn’t she? No repeats.

That's right, she did it, I think as the performance that Simon chose her as a wildcard. They even showed a snippet of it at the beginning of last night's show. That's a baad song, as were all of thes. Really over-the-top garbage BUT they all sang it pretty well. Go figure.

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Kimberly (If you ask me to) (9) - Wow, I REALLY liked this a lot! She totally didn't overdo it at all. She had a beautiful, classy voice to go with a pretty song. She's just shining lately. I'm starting to be REALLY happy she wasn't already voted off. GOOD JOB KIMBERLY!!!

I don’t like the song (turns out I didn’t like any of the songs that were sung tonight), but she did a very nice job with it.

Agreed. She's definitely getting more comfortable on stage.

Uh oh. Randy's is on my list. I KNOW he did not say she's better than Rben!!! Jerk!

Ok, back to Kimberly. I've noticed from today and yesterdy that she is very natural on stage, like in interviews. She doesn't seem nervous at all. I like that about her.

Yes, she’s really found her groove. She seemed so uncomfortable at first, it’s so nice to see her come back from nearly getting voted off in the 1st week to doing so well.

Clay (I could not ask for more) (9) - Jeeze, this is a great night so far. I think that way my fave Clay performance! Seriously. Now, tell me. Did you notice a voice singing along with him? That voice annoyed me and distracted me. Grrrr. But otherwise, it was good. Ya know, I really do agree with Simon and I don't think that was a bad comment. Also, I think they tell the audience to boo his comments when they're even slightly bad. I really dont think that was a bad comment.

He did a great job with that song. Very nice. I didn’t notice the other voice, maybe it was in your head.

I know what you mean with the voice, Cathy- they have back-up vocal on those tracks which sometimes clash with the main vocal. This one was a little like that,but I think I've heard worse (but I can't remember what or who). I think he did well here, and Simon's comment was dead on. Pretty much what I've been saying all along.

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Trenyce (Have you ever) (7) - Well, she sounded great, but I didn't like the song choice. So I lowered it one point.

The whole performance was a little too diva for me. Pretty good but I just wasn’t nuts about it. I agree with Simon, I don’t know her at all – except for her criminal record.

Agreed- I wish she would choose better songs.

Josh (I forget) (5) - Actually, I really didn't like it. I like why he picked it, but I didn't like the song or how he sounded. Ok, I don't think its fair that Simon wants him to sing country exclusively. He doesn't make anyone else pick like that. See, country is its own genre so how can he always sing country when they're doing a diff genre that night? That's stupid.

He sang "That’s when I’ll stop loving you". It was a higher register, kind of pretty and honest but not his best performance. His voice wasn’t strong enough b/c he was singing too high. I appreciated the risk that he took and I really liked his reason for singing this song, however, I think it didn’t do well for him in the competition.

Good reason to sing it, but he tanked it, bad performance.

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Carmen (Love will lead you back) (4) - Grrrr about the song choice. I'm disappointed. Well, this is one of her better performances lately, but the crazy fast virbratto was back. Yuck. So I lowered her score because of thaaaaaaaaaat( crazy fast virbratto when you say that) Ouch Randy. That one stung a bit.

Her hair was sticking out funny. She sounded really pretty good. Better than I’ve ever heard her, but it still doesn’t mean she’s good enough to stay in this competition. Especially b/c of the very annoying vibrato that I’ve been complaining about for weeks. Boy, they are really harsh on her!

Not a bad performance for her, but she barely belongs in the top 32, let alone the top ten. They are harsh on her to try and get sympathy votes for her, the poor little high school blonde girl...last time we'll see her, it's GOT to be!.

Rben () (10+) - Ok, I'm really nervous. Last week Simon told him to do something diff and I know he can, but I'm nervous that he wont, or that the audience won't like it. Yikes!!! OMG!!!!! Seriously, I'm gonna marry him. He loves me, he just doesn't know it yet. When he first started I thought "Oh no, he went with the same old thang" but he didn't!!!! He sounded SOOOOOOO awsom!!!

He looked really good, and he did a really beautiful job with that song. He did something different and soooo pulled it off!

No, he POOED it off!! good job. Way to take a comment and do something about it! BTW, Cathy, the hearts are cute and come over in the original e-mail bu they don't make it to the final version for the web...

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a) I am so shocked that Simon told Rben to watch out for Kimberly.

b) I am angry that Simon said that. I mean, I agree, she's awsom lately, but Clay and/or Kimberly are still not even close to how awsom/loved Rben is.

They’re trying to make sure there’s still a girl in the competition. I think they don’t want it to come down to 3 guys. Plus Kimberley is doing a lot better, she’s a contender. Does she (or anyone else for that matter) compare to Ruben? HELL NO!

She is doing better, but they totally are trying to build up the competition. Otherwise there's no drama on the show. As it is, Ruben blows everyone else away.

Wow, what a strange show. Big turn-arounds. This is diff than last season, because it was really surprising when the good people were voted off at this point last year. This year, they're all good (with one exception)

Bottom three (according to america) : Josh, Trenyce, Carmen

HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY Carmen will be voted off, but I doubt it. It's gonna be Trenyce.

I agree with Cathy. Bottom 3 are Josh, Trenyce, and Carmen. Trenyce will be voted off.

I agree with the bottom three, except that CARMEN will be voted off!!! She just has to be!!!

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