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Three-Peat: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue, Guest Judge Jennifer Mansfield in Green

Week Fourteen: Episode One: Three's Company

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Dude, this show is gonna ROCK and I can't wait for next week. I am so excited to see Ruben win next week!!!

I sure HOPE he wins! Nothing on Clay or Kimberley but Ruben is so much better that it would be a crime if he didn’t win.

Yeah, there's something about Clay's voice- maybe that "Broadway" quality I've been mentioning all series- that I don't think is quite as worthy of the title as Ruben's. But alas, America will decide.

I hope what you said about Paul McCartney being a guest judge next year is SO exciting!!! OMG, it doesn't even get any better than that!

Hey, I saw it on E!, so it must be true...

That would be so awsom if they had an all Beatles theme next year. Too cool!

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Wow, what a neat theme. I love that they have to sing a random song.

Yeah, I don’t know how random those random songs were. I think they each had a bowl of songs that were specifically for them. It was a little rigged.

I was saying to Deb that Clay should've opened another slip- it would have said "Vincent" on it as would all of those slips...seriously, though, I think they were random by person- in other words, there were some songs for Ruben to choose from, but they were different from Clay's or Kimberley's

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Btw, I saw Simon on Leno last night. They're right, it was only a very quick minute that he was on. And then that Millenium Robbie was on and he was cuh-razy. What a nut! And Katie Couric hosted and Mike Meyers went off on some political thing. It was a very strange show.

No comment, I didn’t see the show. Sounds like Simon got dissed. Ha ha!

I missed it too, meant to watch it.

Kimberly #1 (Band of Gold) (7) - I thought she sounded great but she could've done so much better. I think it was a little boring for her. Especially since she already sang that song once.

OK, first of all I just have to say I forgot my notes at home today so I’m winging it. I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of comments I had last night but oh well.

Anyway, I really like that song and I think she did a good job. The only issue I have with it is that I’ve heard the Kimberley-Frenchie duo so recently and I really missed the Frenchie singing. It kind of pointed out to me that Kimberley was not the stronger of the duo.

True dat, on Frenchie being stronger. But it was decent, well suited for her voice.

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Kimberly #2 (Anyone Who had a Heart) () - Interesting pick from the judges. Ok, first of all this sounds really familiar. This is the song that Kelly was supposed to sing before she switched? Well, did she eventually sing it at a diff time because it really sounds familiar. Now for Kimberly, I thought it was great but it started off too low. She was so low that I couldn't even hear her (not low volume).

What? No rating from Cathy? I thought this was kind of weak. She didn’t sing strong enough, it was like she was scared to really bring it. She could have done a way better job with this I think.

I agree again. It's like she's trying not to lose- she seems afraid to put her heart into it. That won't help her against Clay and Ruben- their voices are loud and strong, and she's coming off a little too cautious. Not good for her.

Kimberly #3 (Inseprable (sp?)) (9) - That was pretty good. I liked it a lot, but I'm too tired for that slow stuff tonight. I got kinda bored during it. Paula is SO corney sometimes. She and Clay should go out.

Same comments as for her previous song. She didn’t live up to her potential tonight and that’s not acceptable this late in the game. As much as I like her better than Clay I think she should get voted off tonight b/c it’s not acceptable to have an off week this late in the competition. She just didn’t seem like she was trying hard enough and/or didn’t have the confidence. Who knows, maybe she was just tired.

Yup, she wasn't "bringing it", as the kids say...

Ruben #1 (Signed, Sealed, Delivered) (10+) - Oh I don't know. He might not have deserved a 10+. Maybe just a 10 but it's Ruben. What do you want from me. I really don't like that song and there wasn't much he could do with it.

I liked this one a lot. I thought he gave a nice performance with good energy and he sounded great. I like his ballads the best but this was a nice change of pace.

It was decent, for sure not his best. His voice may be getting a bit tired now.

Btw, I officially hate Simon now. He said on Leno that he thinks that Ruben will win but that Clay should win. He's a stupid jerk! I hate him. Grrrrrrr!

He changes his mind every week. He’s dumb.

He tries a little too hard to keep the show interesting. It's hard to tell what his true opinion is sometimes.

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Ruben #2 (Smile) (10) - Ok, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but just think about it. I would love to hear Ruben sing the country song Blue. Seriously, I thought he could do something awsom with it. Ok I did it. I had to give him a 10. I really thought he could do better. I expect more from him than a great voice. I expect a great performance because I've seen him do it. I mean, it got better toward the end, but still. He can do better.

I don’t really know "Blue" well enough, probably b/c I don’t live in the middle of Iowa. Is that the one that LeAnn Rimes sang? I vaguely remember it. You’ll have to play it for me when we’re home. Anyway, I thought it was good but not fantastic. I feel sorry for him b/c it’s obvious (to me anyway) that his voice is just soooo tired! I think if his voice was well rested this would have been way better.

I can't say I want to here anyone singing "Blue", sorry Cathy. I don't think it would challenge him much, but I think I see where you're coming from. I've heard karaoke singers give Blue a good go, and I think Ruben's talent is beyond that. He would sing it well, but I don't think it's a song that would allow him to stretch out. I'd like to hear Ruben do John Lennon's "Jealous Guy". He could do some damage there.

As for "Smile", I thought this was nice, pretty good job. Elvis Costello recently covered this well, so maybe I'm biased here.

Ruben #3 (If ever you're in my arms again) (10+) - Great freaking song! He did really well this time. Very pretty. He's gonna sing that for me when we get married!

I thought this was great! He just gave it his all and his poor voice cooperated as well as it could. I hope he was able to have a throat lozenge after the show.

So Cathy, when you and Ruben are married, will Hacky be the best man? [Editor's Note: Hacky was Cathy's imaginary friend who lived in a Tic-Tac box.]

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Clay #1 (Vincent) () - Who is this by? Never heard of it. Hmmmm, I'm glad he picked this. He's right, it's not something he would normally pick for himself, but it was really nice. It was a nice quiet, pretty song and not all corny and broadway. Man, if he were on broadway I'd see him in a split second, but if he puts out a cd I won't buy it. I don't think I'm alone there, so for his best interest, I hope he doesn't win. Ok, I was way off. The judges hated it. Even Paula didn't like it. Oh well, I guess that's why I'm not a judge.

No rating AGAIN Cathy??? You’re ruining everything. Anyway, I didn’t really like this song. The song is totally weak and I didn’t particularly like his version of it. Ick. Cathy, I’m with you on the Broadway/CD thing except I probably wouldn’t see him on Broadway either. I totally respect his talent and I think he’s a great kid but I’m tired of his voice. It’s too corny.

It's by Don McLean, who did American Pie, and this monstrosity. I never liked this song much, but I can see why he "randomly selected" it. It suits his style, very broadway. I wouldn't get his album either, but he is a good kid and I see his talent. I wouldn't buy Kelly Clarkson's album either...

Clay #2 (Mack the Knife) (8) - Duh, how totally broadway was that. Paula thought that would make him look cool? She's high. What?!?!? Maybe I'm high. All night long I've been totally opposite of the judges. I don't get it.

I love this song but I did not like his version. His voice was too high and breathy. I too couldn’t believe how much the judges liked this. I thought it made him more Broadway, not less. I just want him to sing normal songs in a normal way I guess.

It was alright- I like this a lot better than his attempt at Grease.

Clay #3 (Unchained Melody) (8) - This is either gonna be really great, or a horrible mistake. holy cow, very fast. It was in fast forward or something! Um, I don't know. I appreciate he made it faster, but it didn't sound right to me. It sounded like he was rushing through it. Very strange. Besides, when I hear this song I think of Demi Moore. Yuckity yuck!!! Oh no, I know she didn't! Paula is SO crazy. Seriously, I'm about to go to her house and kick some sense into her! I know, lets vote Paula off instead. I'll take her place, and believe me, you will never hear me say that Clay sang the best song of the competition. EVER!!!!

Like the previous song it was too high and breathy. I CAN’T BELIEVE that Paula thought that was the best song of the competition. She’s high on crack.

Paula took two steps back with her comment. It was decent, but not even Clay's best performance. Whateva.

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Ok there was a commercial for the AI finally. It said a finally so big it takes three nights. Huh? That's nuts. That throws off my whole monday schedule. Grrrr!

Monday’s show is supposed to be a focus on the 2 people left. It sounds awsom! I hope they show the auditions and everything.

We, since I'm writing so late, we found out it really didn't focus as much on the final two as we orignally thought it would. Typical Fox. At least they showed those lame-os in their masks. I think the one in the green mask was Dunkelman.

Voted off: Kimberly. It's obvious. They still like Clay and Ruben too much. Kimberly is still too up and down to be the American Idol.

I also think that Kimberley will be voted off. Truthfully, I don’t care that much if it’s Clay or Kimberley voted off (anyone but Ruben!!!). Clay s/b voted off b/c I don’t like him as much, I’m tired of his singing. Kimberley should be voted off b/c she didn’t give strong performances tonight, not as strong as she’s capable of anyway.

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Yeah, I think Kimberly will be voted off too. :) Easy to predict when you can't get to the update for a week. Hey, how about a guest judge here? Here's some comments from Jennifer Mansfield, a friend from my college days now living in Raleigh, NC, Clay's hometown:

Love the American Idol updates. Its amazing that the top three people were all really good, unlike last year. Still can't believe Tamyra got booted--it should have been down to her and Kelly last year & not Side Show Bob. (And Nikki should have been out of the picture well before that point, but that's another story) Oh well. He's kinda growing on me. Still won't buy his album but I can see past the SSB thing at least.

marshmallow.jpg (5915 bytes) We are officially experiencing Claymania around here and it's kind of fun. Clay seems like such a nice guy so its cool to see everybody rallying around somebody like that. Plus, that boy can SANG! But if I hear "Dude, where is that voice coming from?" one more time I'm gonna have to bitch slap Randy Jackson.

Well, I'd better go check on the boys. I hear chairs moving around in the kitchen which is always a bad sign. John had his eye on the bag of marshmallows this morning & he was very disappointed when I wouldn't give him any with breakfast. I have a feeling I will find him with 5 stuffed in his mouth.

Thanks for the comments, Jen, hope you don't mind that I shared them with world. Other readers please feel to send in your $.02 and I'll add them up here. Also, I loved the marshmallow story so I had to add that, too. It reminds me of a certain incident that I understand CATHY was involved in...By the way, check out this link, marshmallow lovers...

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BTW, did you see Quentin Tarantino last night? How awsom! I think that if he knows music (not sure if has a good ear or not) that he would be a great guest judge. How cool would that be? I think he might actually be honest, unlike some judges. Paula, I’m looking in your general direction.

Interesting thought. I would like to see some more honest celebrity judges, and less butt-kissers (coughing-Neil Sedaka-coughing).

Btw, what the delio with Jenna winning Survivor by a landslide!?!? What's this world coming to?

I can’t believe she won. She’s a ho. I’m not watching any more Survivor. I’ve had enough.

That was ridiculous. I can't believe Matthew just got one vote. I had said that i wouldn't watch Survivor again after this season, and that locked it up for me.

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