idol.gif (4063 bytes) American Idol Update- Season Two, Episodes Four and Five
Some people wait a lifetime for an update like this! Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Two, Episode Two: Cathy's on time, no one else is. Tim responds where he can.

Ok, I have some comments before the show starts:

a) The enrique comment was a joke! I totally thought you'd catch that! You're losing your touch.

I think it says something about some of the music you like that you could say you liked that guy and I thought you were serious. :)

b) what the delio? how do you know the names of all these people I'm naming, like a day or 2 later? are you taking notes or something? you're SUCH a nerd. :)

It's called a memory. AND I checked the AI site.

c) what on earth does non sequitur mean?

From my buddies at Webster's: A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it.

d) So far we've got a possible look alike/sound alike for Jim, Nikki, Justin, Ryan, and Ratboy!! I can't wait to see who else. Oh wait. There was also one for Ejay. He was the black guy who dressed like his father. No offense Ejay, but he looked as goofy weird as you do.

e) Ok, here's what I would like to see in AI 2004. They need to tape the auditions and have instant replay like in sports. Then when these geekuses come in thinking they're all that, the judges can play the instant replay and say "Do you really think this sounds good?" Ya know, because you always sound diff in your head. For example, I sound like a bad singer in my head, but in real life I know I sound DAMN good. So, it could go the other way around.

Not a bad idea. I would like to hear from the vocal coach, too- this one's a natural, this one improved, etc.

Ok, that's it. I'm gonna go now till the show starts. (time keeps on tickin' tickin' tickin' . . . until AI staaaaaarrrrrts)

Woo hoo! It's on!

tony.jpg (6026 bytes) - Sorry Tony Bennet, but you know you're an ex star when the airport loses your luggage again.

Talk about not getting the joke. Tony's big hit is "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". They said "Tony, they left your bags in San Francisco." GET IT???

Ok, a few quick notes:

- twins: I liked them at the first auditions, but today I thought they were dumb and annoying. They should have sang a song where they could play off each other like "the boy is mine" or something in that direction. Ya know?

Agreed. Still surprised they didn't move on, for the sheer novelty of it.

- moms: corney but cute

No, not really. :)

- excited girl in front row that got sent home: ha ha ha! That made me kinda sad, but I'm proud of her. She took it really well considering. Btw, the way she stepped up was like a private in the army. duh girlfriend.

She did handle it well. Way to save a little face on national TV.

- ejay lookalike: He was there, did you catch him?!?!? He said "Oh yeeeah" in a high voice like a cartoon character that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe its' that big rooster or something? Help me out on that one.

Foghorn Leghorn.

foghorn.jpg (3583 bytes)

- marine: I dont' think he's that good. I didn't at the first audition either.

He was o.k., as good as a lot of them...

- Swingin guy: I'M PISSED!!!! HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER MADE IT TO HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!! Gimme an effin break.

Again, he made it in on the novelty. His voice was good- he didn't advance because he probably wasn't versitile enough.

- coffee or cafe (whatev): again, I didn't like him the first time. besides, he has a new baby. GO HOME TO YOUR NEW BABY! What is he thinking?


Ok, commercial break. I'm making quick notes because things are moving WAY too fast for me to comment on. Grrrrr. I hope that's ok. Also, I'm making a lot of notes, so I don't expect you to comment on all of them. No presha. Btw, the part that's coming up, where they have to quickly memorize a song, was a total train wreck last year. only like 5 people successfully came close to memorizing it correctly and Simon was a pi-issed about it.

How hard is it to memorize a song!?!?

Btw, nice honeymoon pics pic. I just checked it out. Cuh razy!

I updated it more, still working on it.

- Ha, notice all the girls are smart enough to practice. Dumb boys.

- Yuck, that justin look alike is so gross. Eeeeewwww! I hope he gets kicked off cause i can't look at him much longer. (more like a sideshow bob look alike)

He was BAD.

Ok, that whole segment was a lot of singing time wasted. seriously. I can't believe they wasted that much time showing us a girl waiting and dumb guys partying when they could've shown us singing. I hate this show now. Na, I love it. who am I kidding.

- Julia Damato: Good for her. I hope she makes it. Her groupmates are C words. I hope they get kicked out! Holy cow, when she talked to her groupmates, I don't know how she held it together. I think you know what I would've done. LOST IT!

She was kinda a whiny brat about it the next day. Dumb.

- First group (carpenter's superstar): They kicked ass. I don't really care for any of their voices, but they did a really good job! Great song choice too!

Those guys all rocked. Great start,

- Cory clark sucking up to the judges: I think this deserves a severe BOO! Do it Tim! Oh paula. . . BOO her too! Also, in the same group, I've let this go long enough. The guy with the goatee and spikey bracelettes? I like him, I don't know why, but he needs a makeover or he wont make it.

No boo...I don't hand them out that easily. It was dumb, though. I like the rocker guy, too.

- Steffan (in the stupid fluffy hat): Did he actually say "be gettin'" in that song? I dont' think seal wrote it that way. He was also soundin a little like the star spangle rockets red glare guy.

- GO FRENCHY!!!! Oh, those two kicked my tush! Seriously! That's was really really really good.

They both rock. My two favorites thus far.

Wow, I can't wait to see what happens to the boys. Yikes.

- I can't believe Julia joined her group. I wouldn't have, but it's probably better for her.

Again, she should;ve done it sonner. I like how Frenchy pulled it together for them.

- Gimme a break. I can't believe those partying guys stayed. Thats crap. it was so disrespectful of them to do.

- Ok, they made some bad choices with the boys and mostly good choices with the girls.

I think they did good choices for both. They had to take SOME guys- I like who I've seen so far, compared to who was sent packin'.

- Ejay (I'm calling him ejay for now on): I like that he did MJ and that was an interesting pick. Good job eventhough he's weird looking.

Are you combining two different guys? I think you might be...

- Black crows guy. Great pick for him, even though he's icky. I don't think they'll keep him though.

- I love that part when they tell the rooms if they're staying or leaving. How awsom! A lot of really good pics too.


Week Three, Espisode One: Put on a pot a coffee. This will be a while.

Duh, they're not even stars yet.  Who remembers the final 30 of last year?   NO ONE!

True, but the final 30 from last year did get to go on the tour so it is still a good thing.

I think we want to get to know some of these folks, too- there may be a couple of good ones who don't make the top ten...

Kimberly - Come to my window:  Wow, her voice sounds a lot like Melissa's.   I thought she did this song well.  I learned a lot of the words I never knew, and that's a plus.  I like that she changed it (very slightly) but I wish she would have made it a little more her own.  Also, she didn't go crazy with it which was nice.

I wasn’t nuts about her singing style. A little over the top I thought, and she kept holding her notes too long then rushing to start the next line. It didn’t flow well. However, I think she has a good look and a good attitude and I’d like to see what else she could do. I don’t put her in the top 2 of this group but I think if she isn’t picked tonight she will become a wildcard and make it to the finals. I think they’ve been pushing her a lot. She’s on camera a lot and she was in the commercial. So, I feel very confident she will make it to the final 10.

 I'm with Deb. I think we'll see her in the Top 10. It was a decent start to the show. Not exceptional, but solid.

It's very different having their parents there this season.  I don't like it.   I think that they won't really be themselves in the room.  And just think how scary it would be to do that with your parents right there.  YUCK!!!!

I thought I would like it but it did make things kind of uncomfortable. And I know I’m getting ahead of myself here but when Simon dissed Patrick and then Patrick’s dad came out I thought it was very cool that Simon didn’t back down. He was honest and I would have a lot less respect for him if he changed his story just b/c the parent was there.

 Yeah, some of the family members are nuts. That can be entertaining, though. I think they want more emotion out of the show, and a lot of these kids are so young and nervous, they won't get it from them. The families will give Fox the attitude they want.

Patrick - Unbreak my heart:  Yuck, I didn't really like this.  He should have lowered it a key.  He sounded eerily like Toni during the high parts and it made me feel icky.  Seriously, none of them realize they can change a good song to fit them.   Uh oh, I told you there was a problem with the parents being there.  DUH!!! STOP WASTING MY TIME WITH THE OUTFIT DELIO!!!!  I'M SPENT!  (ya know I'll write that a lot during the entire ai season.) rerun.jpg (3960 bytes)

 I loooove that you said, "and it made me feel icky". Excellent! I felt icky b/c his voice was higher than hers for pretty much the whole song. Funny that he purposely picked a song by a girl b/c he has a high voice but he pick Tony Braxton who has like the lowest voice ever. Anyway..... I thought he was OK but not great. His voice kind of cracked at one point and I thought, "He’s no American Idol". So, he’s out after tonight.

Dude sings like a lady. He was alright, but doesn't have what it takes, vocally or look-wise. They spent a lot of time on the look, too. Whateva.

Samuel-Adams.jpg (21137 bytes) JD Adams - Love song:  Yuck.  I really didn't like this song. 

Totally! I thought this song was very dumb and he was pretty Guarini-esque (that’s bad). I thought I would like him a lot more but I really didn’t. Oh no, I di-int.   BTW, his dad looked like a lesbian. Just sayin.

Funny. And true. Funny and true. Yeah, the only Adams I need to hear from is Samuel, dig?

Trenyce - Love creepin up on you:  That was cute.  I wasn't too impressed, but it was way better than anyone else so far.  Here's what I think about the sista's in general.  They put umph behind every stupid word and it just gets irritating.   Just cheeeel sistas, sing it normal.

 She did a really nice job. A bit too growly for my taste but besides that I liked it. What I really liked about her was that she actually performed the song! She seemed very comfortable on stage and I thought that was good. I do agree she should take it down a notch though.

She was a little growly. Odd song choice. Think she was looking for something that required a lot of oomph. I'd like to hear if she could sing quiter things as well. Overall, I liked her pretty well.

Moesha (I loved her in that BET type show) - How do I live:  Wow.   That was really good!  I love that song and she did it really well.   DAMMIT PAULA!  That's it.  I hate the judges this year.  I never agree with them this year because they don't know anything.  I should be a judge!   Girlfriend, it wasn't RJ that he called a loser.  It was the other kid with the deaf parents.

 OK, first of all her name is MEOsha, not Moesha (b/c Moesha wasn’t a wacky enough name I guess). I think she did a very good job. It wasn’t over the top and she hit her notes. It was very pretty but not outstanding. I was kind of surprised the judges didn’t like her more, but oh well.

BTW, I can’t believe you forgot Jim Verraros’ name already! Wasn’t he the one and only person who you actually called in a vote for? You’re so fickle.

I thought she was too bland. Didn't have any sort of spark. Crap song, too.

Bettis - And I thank you:  First of all, I refuse to allow our next American Idol to have the name Bettis, especially on a guy!  Anyway, that was really interesting.  I thought that was a really neat way of singing that song.  See, he changed it.  He changed it enough that I recognized that song and couldn't quite put my finger on what song it was.  See, the judges suck. 

 He was TERRIBLE! He was all over the place and he was dancing like a retard. He also kept doing weird twitchy things with his face. I really didn’t like him. A1, I can’t believe you liked him. You’re crazy.

What was that song? What was he thinking? He spent too much time working on his moves, forgot to focus on the singing. I liked him last week, not this week. I like that his sister got his back, though- that was kinda cool.

Ok, since everyone else is putting their two sense in (bettis' sister) I think I will too.  I am SOOOOOO sick of people saying "well we got here so we must be good. . ."  Ok, you don't understand people, that this competition is in phases.   It's possible to pass 1 or 2 phases and not the 3rd.  It's possible to be a wonderful singer and then to suck it up for one song.  Just give it a break with the speeches about how they got this far so they should be the next american idol.  (yes, you can put a pic of a soap box here.  I'll get off of mine now, but I reserve the right to hop back on at anytime!) soapbox.gif (6355 bytes)

 Two sense? Maybe you meant to say two cents? You’re a teacher? America’s in trouble. Anyway, it’s just their way of trying to convince themselves they are not looooooosers. Whateva.

Hey, how many people showed up for auditions? Give these kids a break. No, they're not good enough to be American Idol, but they should be proud with how far they've gotten (stepping down from my soapbox, once again only a foot taller than everyone else).

Charles - Over you:  Eh.  I kinda spaced out during that.  It was just eh to me.  Nothing special.

 Gees, I really liked him! It’s a shame you zoned out (it’s always a shame when you zone out). He did a really pretty job but it would have been better if he was a little more passionate. He also oversang it a little bit but I really liked listening to him. His family was cute too. Adopted sister??? I want him to stay b/c I think he can do good things.

Overjoyed...Oversang...O...ver....Done! He voice has a nice tone, but he has to learn how to use it. And why didn't they rag on that outfit? That was far worse than Rerun's!!!

Julia - Son of a preacher man:  Uh oh, Deb either loved it or hated it.  I really liked it.  One of the best today.  WOW!  The longer it went, the more I liked it!  So, what did Simon think of it.  Did I miss it? 

clamato.jpg (3488 bytes) Oh Julie Clamato. I thought it was an interesting update of the song and I respect her for doing that, but I didn’t really like her singing so much. She overacted it too and I thought her performance was kind of annoying.

I actually liked it (so did Simon). She did "Unbreak My Heart" last week, and wasn't so good. BTW, what's with the ever changing look?

Hmmmm, today was one of the more boring.  Here are the three that I want to get in:  Julia, Moesha, Trenyce.  My next two would be JD and Bettis.  

 I think that only 2 will get in tonight but there will be the possibility later of one or more making it in by wild card. So, I will give my votes for the 2 people who should make it to the next round. They are…. Trenyce and Charles. Kimberly was a very close 3rd, but like I said, either she’s making it tonight or she’ll get in via wild card. Hear me now and believe me later.

I say: Julia and Trenyce. Next would be Kimberly then Charles.

Ha ha, Paula looked so confused by the whole Joe Millionaire thing.  She's dumb.

Oh! I didn’t even notice Paula during that whole thing. My loss. That was a little wacky though you must admit. Too funny. BTW A1, are you watching Joe Bazillionare yet? You had better! Only 2 episodes left.

evan.jpg (3649 bytes)

I noticed Paula and the boys- I thought they looked like "Why is Fox parading that himbo out on our show? Also, I liked the way he was 10 feet taller than everyone. American Idols are wee.

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