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The judging equivalent of Earth, Wind and Fire: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Eight, Episode One: The Elite Eight

K, I found out that today is disco and I think that'll be fun. However, I love finding out the theme early, but it's not worth putting up with the stupidity I find in those message boards so I'm not doing that anymore!

Cathy- drop me a note to remind me to check Tuesday during the day and I'll go on and check.

Also, since Corey is voted off, I'm interested to see what they do tomorrow. Will they bring someone new into the finals, or will they have tomorrow be a waste of time and then vote someone off next week? I wonder!

I don’t think they’ll bring anyone new into the finals. I also do think they will vote someone off tonight. I wonder how they will handle having this extra week in the competition though. We’ll find out later I guess.

I think they'll have a best of week, maybe bring folks back from year one, bring back the finalists from this year (minus Corey).

Dude! I can't wait to see what Ruben does for his disco song. I wanna see him shake his tush! He's so funny

Cathy is warm for Ruben’s form.

K, it's starting!

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Wow, I'm very proud of the AI people for telling the truth and of Corey for saying something (even if he didn't own up to it).

I thought the same thing. It was nice that they actually mentioned what happened to Corey instead of glossing over the whole thing. Corey didn’t seem that apologetic, it seemed like he was glad he lied b/c at least he made it this far. He seems to think that if he told the truth he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere but I don’t believe that b/c Trenyce did. Well, I guess we’ll never know. I’m glad he’s gone. It was only a matter of time anyway.

Hey, I saw JD Adams in the background!!!! I wonder what that's all about!

He's been there before, he danced with Kinberly Caldwell when they did the Motown show and she went out into the crowd. He lives in L.A. and I don't think he has anything better to do...

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Ouch, what the delio with that Berdine White. Girly name and girly look! That's nutty. Oh, it's Verdine. Whatev

He was pretty crazy looking!

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Ricky (Let's groove tonight) (7) - How cute with the hair. Good pick because he can do the high part and he doesn't sound creepy when he does it (as usual). How funny, I didn't know he could groove like that. He's so shy!! It's not his best though.

Very nice singing. Fun and good energy. Still not the best performer though. He tried hard but I think he’s getting out of his league with the current group. I really love Ricky but he’s not going to last much longer I think.

Ok, I love Paula's earrings. Ya know, I'm so sick of Simon. Yes a clown is funny but not the american idol, but ricky's not a clown! clowns don't sing like that either.

I liked her earrings too. Big hoops except they were squares instead of hoops. Coolio. I actually think Simon had a good point with the clown thing. I don’t think he was calling Ricky a clown either.

I agree with my lovely wife here. Simon was saying that Ricky was entertaining, but so what, so are birthday clowns. You have to be more than entertaining to be the American Idol.

Carmen (Turn the beat around) (7) - I hate this song! I hate it I hate it I hate it! She did a great job though. Actually, one of her best I think. I'll lower her score a little because of the virbratto and because she just doens't project her voice enough.

Vibraaaaaato again! Not done very well at all in my opinion. She was singing the song but she didn’t own it. It’s a problem with a song like that when you annunciate every single syllable (a la Nicky McKibbin). It really takes the heart out of the song. I totally agree with Randy when he called it "very karaoke". I think he meant to say "Cathy-oke" but we all knew what me meant.

She started out really flat, I thought, and got better. Problem was, her better was still pretty bad...

footlong.jpg (16244 bytes) Ryan needs to stop talking about his wiener extensions.

Kimberly C (Knock on wood) (6) - I love this song. She better do it justice! Blah! Yawn! Nothing exciting for me. And she does that really annoying "rock" voice that Nikki used to do. Ahhhhh, that was an EXCELLENT comment from Paula.

She was trying to hard. I smell the funk of desperation on her. She is always too yelly and too growly. Cathy, you are totally right about her using that annoying "rock" voice. Plus she ALWAYS uses the same voice! I agree that it was a very good comment from Paula that Kimberly needs to take some chances and mix things up a little. She also needs to shut up shut up shut up!!! Why does she go on and on? ANNOYING!

She was kinda weak again. She is very one-dimensional. Hope the voting public is getting sick of her, too...

(hmmmm, complacency. I'll try to remember that one in context)

Clay (Everlasting Love) (8) - I like this song. I think it'll be a perfect pick for him. He can corny it up a ton! Ok, I like that he changes the rhythm sometimes! He just needed to move some more. That's why I lowered his score.

Not my favorite Clay performance. A little too Guarini-esque. Still better than anyone else tonight so far though.

I liked this- I like the song and Clay didn't get as Broadway as he usually does. Think I'm alone on this one, though...

Trenyce (I'm every woman) (9) - I don't like this song and Randy's gonna freak because he doesn't like when they do Whitney (yeah yeah, I know it wasn't originally hers, but that doesn't matter to him. if she did it, it's sacred). Jeeze, she didn't project her voice enough. It was just blah. JK! Girlfriend belted it out in the middle! Cute hair too. Ya know, I think she's getting better every week.

Nice pipes! I wasn’t nuts about the song b/c all it was just a series of vocal aerobics (think Kelly Clarkson in the last couple weeks of last season). It becomes less of a song and more of a series of vocal exercises. Howeva, she’s still the best so far tonight. Better than Clay tonight.

I didn't like this too much, but I don't like the song, and Trenyce is trying far too hard to be Whitney. She did O.K. with it, but not my favorite performance of hers...

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At this time I was thinking that I wasn’t liking the show very much. There were no outstanding performances, people had a hard time with this genre!

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Ruben (Can't get enough of your love) (10+) - Cute start. I like the way he grooved too. No tush shakin, but cute anyway. I love this man!!!

So good!!! So smooth, he’s just so fun to listen to. I didn’t think this was Ruben’s very best performance (like I said, I guess disco is harder than it looks), but he really blew everyone else away tonight.

Finally, Simon says something right. (OH!! Did he just lip (I love you mama)??? How cute!)

Nope, I think it was "I love you too baby". That was excellent!

He's damn good. I really can't see anyone else winning...

Kimberly L (It's raining men) (8) - Not a surprising choice for her. Not a great start but got a lot better! I liked this. One of her better ones I think.

I agree that she started weak but then got way better. She hit her stride a few seconds into the song. It was a good song for her. I’m glad to see her doing so much better than earlier b/c she had so much more potential than she was showing. However, she doesn’t seem confident enough on stage. She doesn’t say "superstar". I think she’ll wind up in the top 5 but not in the top 3.

She may hit the top 5- I'm not sure how strong of a following she has...this was O.K. after a shaky start...

Josh (Celebrate) (5) - Ouch, not his best. Besides his voice, he didn't move well at all. kinda awkward. I think that of all the genre, this was proably the toughest for him.

Ooooh, that was bad. However, how hard is it for a country boy to sing disco? In that respect he did pretty well, but it really was a dismal performance. I’m sure it’ll be enough to get him in the bottom 3, but I don’t think he’ll be voted out.

This hurt to watch. I wonder if he was sick or if they were covering up for him a little. Very weak, but I too think he'll stay alive...

Bottom three (according to america): Kimberly L, Ricky, Kimberly C

I actually think that Kimberly C might be voted off! She's annoying and she went from consistently high, to consistently low. Ya know?

My bottom 3 are Josh, Kimberly Caldwell, and Carmen. Ricky was a VERY close 4th. I couldn’t decide b/t Ricky and Carmen. I think Kimberly Caldwell is out tonight. I think America has had enough of her. Plus when Paula starts giving you bad comments (well, not bad but not very good) then that’s bad news.

My bottom 3- Josh, Carmen, Ricky. As much as I really like him, I think Ricky might be gone...

There were no outstanding performances this week, Ruben was awsom as usual but no one really wowed me. I hope next week’s show is better.

Oh, another thing. I didn’t think this was the best celebrity judge this week. He was OK, better than I thought he would be, but not the best. I hope they have someone better next week. BTW, I forgot to say that when I caught the tail end of last week’s show I saw a glimpse of Olivia Fig-Newton John and thought it was Christina Aguilera! Isn’t that nuts?!?

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