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Paula may look happy (at left), but she just finished crying over another performance...

Cathy in Purple
Deb in Red
Tim in Blue

OMG! I'm so excited about this show I can barely sit still!!!

Tamyra #1: Great song. Great performance. I thought that there was something not quite right about it though. I still can't put my finger on it though. I thought that through the whole performance, but I thought they just changed the sound or something. Then when the judges said it wasn''t her best, I figured that it wasn't just me.

I thought it was nice, not great. I think it was a problem doing that song first b/c the crowd wasn't really warm to it like they would have been if she did it a little later in the show.

I think she did o.k. with it, but not her best by far. Not a real good song to do. Just not my style.

Nikki #1: O M G!!!!! I can't believe that Simon said fantastic. I mean, I was thinking that it was great. I decided that I like when she sings slower songs best. But I was sure that everyone would hate it as usual.

A very nice performance by her. She's not in the same league as the others (sorry, but I still stand by that). But it was very good for her. Didn't really wow me though, this is an Alanis Morisette song and Nikki's version just doesn't compare.

I get on people when they don't stretch themselves on this show, and she's trying real had to show some range, so props to her for that. Didn't knock me out. I think Simon may have overcompensated a little as to make up for being so harsh in the past.  She did well here. Making it more intersting than I thought.

Kelly #1: Ok, am I really gonna say this?!? I was dissapointed by her performance. It was of course did amazing, but I thought she could have done a lot better.

I agree. It was good but not great. Around this point in the show yesterday I was getting a little disappointed b/c so far no one was blowing me away.

She really has been missing with song choices, I think. Her strong voice is pulling her through, and the girl next door look is helping as well. She seemed to be missing the track a little, and seemed not be getting into the song enough. At this point, things were looking bleak for everyone- at least it was equal.

This is shaping up to be a CRAZY show. I'm just so surprised about a lot of things. Ya know, I really can't wait to see what Nikki chooses for her 90's song. Lot's of good choices for her.

I was very happy with her choice. But more on that later.

Btw: a) Nikki's family looks like a bunch of carnies. (no offense Deb. Ha ha)

TOTALLY! They were very white trashy. I think they live in Creston.

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b) What the delio with the big W that Kelly's family is holding up? Am I not getting something? (shut up. I know I set you up on that one, but resist.)

Yeah, it was all kind of a mess with the big letters. Whatever.

Justin #1: VERY DISSAPOINTING! He didn't even show one 32nd of his ability. I totally dissagree with the judges. Did we even see the same performance? Besides, didn't he sing that song already?

Wouldn't it be nice if he chose a song that someone in the audience knows? He did a good job with the song but it didn't wow me. I was getting kind of pissed at this point. Nothing so far that I could really get into.

Tamyra #2: Ok, this was really good. But, remember what I said about wanting to hear her do more slow songs? Well, I changed my mind. She has a great voice, but what I like about her is her personality coming out in her performance. She makes the fast songs so fun. But this was really really good.

I really liked this! This is the kind of stuff I can really get down with. I was happy again. Honestly, I still think she's in a class by herself. She's amazing.

Nikki #2: Seriously. Of ALL the songs she could've possibly chosen, she chose that? Silly. However, I really did thing she did really well. Ya know what I liked best? That she used to take every song too far and make them all REALLY rock and rolly, and overdone. This prooved how far she's come, in that respect. Ya know?

I didn't think the song choice was silly, I thought it fit her perfectly and she did a great job with it. I think I liked this performance of hers better than anything else I'd seen her do. But American Idol? No.

Btw, Laura says that a lot of people thought it was stupid she had her son there last week, like it was for sympathy votes. (not that I believe anything that laura says, but I'm just wondering) Did you think that? I thought it was really cute, personally!

I wouldn't want my son to see people dissing me on national TV. The poor guy was crying at the end of the show. Maybe it was for sympathy but I imagine it was also for support. The poor girl has been in the bottom 2 for weeks now. She's probably going to go postal before this is all over.

Does anybody actually watch the Bernie Mac show? Just wondering. It was nominated for tons of Teen Choice Awards.

I love your crazy comments from out of no where! Funny. No, I have never seen the Bernie Mac show.

Kelly #2: Damn, girl! She held that one note in the middle for 50 years. Great performance!!! GO KELLY! WOO HOO!!!

It was a very powerful performance but I am getting REALLY SICK of her growling during her singing. It's getting pretty tired. Besides that I think it was very good, still liked Tamyra better. Sorry Cathy.

Justin #2: Pretty young thangs, repeat after me... (oops, not so fast Deb!)

YEAH!! PYT RULES!!! Well, I think you knew before he even started that anyone choosing an MJ song would win my vote. That was ballsy though because at the very beginning Simon and Randy were pissed at a guy who chose MJ.

First of all, to the "oops, not so fast Deb" comment I have this to say: What-EVAH!

Second, I thought it was VERY cool of him to do that song. It was really fun (fun!). He didn't do it justice (I mean, he's obviously no MJ) but he made it his own and it was really fun. It would have been bad if he did that as his only song last night but since it was his second song I thought it was OK. However, the singing didn't blow me away and I agree that although Nikki should be the one voted off (gees, I've been saying that for a month now) but I also wouldn't be surprised if it wound up being Justin.

Prediction: This was a very unfortunate week for Justin. Between him having a bad performance and Nikki having two good ones, and Nikki's really strong following anyway...he's in deep shit. I would not be surprised AT ALL if he's voted off tomorrow. I know you'll freak, but I think it might happen.

I can't wait to see what's going to happen!!!!!!! I wish it was 8:30 NOW.

Ya know what. I think we've got a nice little system here. I think we should do this when survivor starts too.


I LOVE getting your Tuesday night emails. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. But I love reading your AI synopsis. We totally have to do this with Survivor. Aw yeah.

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