idol.gif (4063 bytes) American Idol Update- Season Two, Episode Seven
Focus on the commentators: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Four, Episode One: The first one-episode summary thus far. Rejoice.

First of all, red+blue=purple. Hmmm, I never noticed that. That really is kinda spooky! It makes me feel dirty.

Dirrrty like Christina Hagulera?

Speaking of dirrrty, some content has been slightly edited. This is a family website, and this family ain't the Osbornes.

OMG! I want those Simon pics! How gd funny were those!?!?

It would be so cool if they put them on the AI website. Awsom!

I looked, not finding anything yet...

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Clay (Open Arms) - Wow, he looks so diff! I didn't even recognize him. I liked him better before though. I really liked him in the glasses. That song was nice. I think he has a diff voice and I really kinda like it. Also, I think that he plays to the audience really well. The funny thing is that he has a little spark of Barry Manilow about him.

He has a nice strong voice but I wasn’t crazy about his singing style. He has a weird Irish accent when he sings. I did like him, but not as much as I did before. I am however interested in seeing what else he can do. He kind of intrigues me, the whole Rick Astley vibe (that voice from that person?) So, he’s good.

I like him well enough, not sure if he'll make it to the top 10. I would guess not.

Candice (A Little Piece of my Heart) - Ok, now no one could possibly match Janis, but that was the best try I've heard so far. I really agree with Randy! Great voice, but not the right song. I think she definately has potential.

I agree, she has a great voice but that was totally the wrong song. She’s so cute though!

She's cute, has a strong voice, and while it wasn't the ideal song, I agree with Cathy, best job with Janis thus far. But her fashion sense is dipping dangerously into Ryan Starr territory.

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Rebecca (Beats the Hell out of me (Here by me?)) - Weird and nothing special. Seriously. What a weird song. I think she'd have potential if she had a diff song. Girlfriend just proved Simon's point. This is not an Ella/Atretha type competition. I mean, she does have a nice voice and it's older and more developed, but not american idol. I agreed with Randy again.

Good strong voice but a little nasal. Not surprising, have you seen the nose on her? OK, I’m being mean. Bad Debbie! Also, what was up with that song? It would have been nice if she did a song that was more familiar.

O.K. voice, bad song, not right for AI. See you in the night clubs, Rebecca!

Oh, btw, I would like to hear that Really real song.

You got it. I will warn you, it's quite a bit different. But a good song, though.

Real real real, let’s make it really real. Real real real

Jacob (Do I ever cross your mind) - Cute little guy. Definately looks like an American Idol. Ok, I've decided that my opinion is tainted because I really don't like the way guys sing. (ooh, he just missed a high note) Anyway, in general, I don't like guys' voices. Oh well. I didn't like this one at all. I disagree with Paula. I agree totally with Randy! Randy said that he was singing flat, and that's what guys do. They always sound like they're singing flat. Ok, kiss a$$. I hate that he does that bull. I also (I can't believe I'm saying this) totally agreed with simon about the fact that they're not singing as awsom as they can. NO! He kisses tush WAY too much! I hate that!

His performance in 1 word: WEAK.

He was flat, tried to hard to be like Justin. He's gone. He BETTER be gone!

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Ok, Randy's my buddy tonight. We're agreeing on everthing. Paula is nice and I like that. She puts bad news in a more costructive, less harsh way. But, she is too easily swayed by the boys. She's just horny!

I don’t like that Paula is so nice. It pisses me off. She’s a J*U*D*G*E! She’s not there to be nice. I wish she was just honest. I like Randy and Simon way better. Simon is a little mean sometimes but that bothers me way less than Paula being so nice.

She was allegedly told to be less nice, and I think that comes across occassionally. She sometimes says far less than you think she's going to, because I think she's trying conciously not to be too nice. An odd problem to be faced with.

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Hadas (You light up my life) - Wow, she does look like Sandra Bullock. I liked it. I think that simon will like it better. She sang out really well. I wouldn't pick her though. I love how Paula said "YO!" That was funny. Anyway, I'm surprised by simon's comment, but I do agree with it. Uh oh, is hell freezing over? I agreed with simon twice?

The name Hadas makes me think of Haggis. (Tim, can you find a picture for that? Wait, I’m not sure I want to see it). Anyway, she has a very pretty voice but it was a little overdone. And can’t she find a newer song? That song was such a "moment in time" and then you never heard it again. I don’t think it was the best song for her to sing. It makes me think that she’s been singing that song in auditions since it was popular (when I was like 10). Yikes!

Yeah, pretty girl, bad song. Star Search films down the road, honey. I chose this pic because it looks like she's sticking her chest out...

BTW. Haggis looks a lot like the dress on the left.

Ruben (Superstar) - Ooh ooh ooh, I can't wait. I'm gonna like this, I think. He's a fun looking guy. A teddy bear. Holy crap! I loved that. She how he changed it a little bit. That is how you take a great song that would be hard to beat, and really do it justice. If america doesn't vote him in, I'm gonna pull a postal worker. Seriously! Btw, I love the Ruben Kevin sandwich with a side of Seacrest!

Pha-nominal! I totally love Ruben! (but what was up with the outstretched arm, picky picky I know). His voice is so so pretty and smooooth. I’m so looking forward to seeing more of him in the competition! He does have a great personality too. The Ryan sandwich was HILARIOUS! Tim said, "Suddenly I’m in the mood for an Oreo." Too funny!

Sing with me " the middle". Ruben is the best. That's your American Idol right there.

Oh, and what a fantastic song selection! I love that song anyway and it was just such a cool choice. He has a great personality.

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Kimberly (Somewhere over the rainbow) - Ok, here comes our other finalist. I'm sure of it. I liked it all three times, but I'd like to hear her sing something new. Ya know? See, again. Who could possibly sing that better than the original. She didn't but she did it justice by changing it.

OK, she had me and then she lost me. She was really great and I enjoyed her performance but then Simon dissed her and she totally stooped to his level except she was a total jerk. I didn’t like her personality, she was very defensive and too bitchy. I had her at #2 tonight but then when she acted like an ass I moved her to #3. The way she acted is not like how an American Idol should act. Coming down from the soapbox now….

I agree with Deb. She sang really well (albeit a little Broadway, again, she's probably beeen auditioning with that for years) but then she turned into an idiot. Pack your things, sweetheart.

Ahhhhh, now I feel satisfied. I saw a skit.


Jennifer () - Woo hoo! Up tempo. I'm glad she did a fun song. She started off crazy nervous, but then she got a lot better. I still thought it was awkward and nothing special compared to the last two. I mean, we all know this already, but Frenchy, Kimberly, and Ruben are gonna dominate this competition. Simon was wrong in what he said, but he made a point. Nothing compares to those two. It sucked for her to go last. Also, she doesn't seem to have it in her heart. I don't think she'd make a good finalist at all.

She was very stiff and didn’t have much passion. I disliked her performance so much. She was like #9 or 10 tonight.

Not very good. I like that Deb said she was 9 or 10 when only 8 people sang :) The up tempo songs are hard with just the piano, I agree. She doesn't match up. She should've been in last weeks group. Only Jacob was worse.

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And Oh so sad about Frenchie! I love that any trace of her has already been wiped away from the AI website. Those bastards!

It's something. I wonder if her naughty pictures will surface, or if they'll stay hidden, seeing as how she's not a size 2...

Hmm, I wonder who the finalists will be. Maybe Kimberly and Ruben?!?!?!? Clay will be a possible wild card. (for me at least) Dammit. Ruben really rocks. I think that he could make it all the way. He and Frency are totally my fave so far, but surprisingly, I think I like Ruben better. His performance was SO good!!!!!

It'll be interesting to see how they line them up tonight...

My #1 is Ruben (duh) and my #2 is Clay. Kimberly is still #3 even though she was dumb (talent is talent after all). We’ll see if America got as pissed off at her as I did.

#1 Ruben, #2 Candice. Clay # 3. Kimberly is an idiot. I'm very diappointed, as I like her a lot. I thought she was going to be a low-key Frenchie.

Oh well, I could go on forever. We'll find out tomorrow. Ahhhh, I can't wait!

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