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Nobody gets too much heaven no more: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Thirteen: Episode One: Four On The Floor

Boy, was it a busy day. It's up, but no pictures. Maybe I'll add some tomorrow. Or you can use your imagination.

Ok, first of all, I listened to the new AI cd and I have a couple things to say:

a) Ruben's song is (as Paula would say) FUH-NOMINAL!! I love it. AWSOM!!!

b) The "Thank You's" are hilarious! In Corey's he thanks his Bros and Sisters and then gives a LONG list of them. Totally funny. They're all LaThis, LaThat, etc. Two of them have the same name. I wonder if that was a typo or something. Also, at the end of Julia Clamato's she says "true friends forever!" That makes me laugh. It reminds me of middle school when everyone said best friends forever (bff) so now I will be ending all my emails with tff (true friends forever! << read it like a middle school girl>>)

c) The end of "What the world needs now is love" when they have Julia sing the word "one" all by herself, makes me cringe. Seriously.

I can’t wait to listen to that CD. It sounds good. I still have to see what all is on it. That’s funny about Clamato holding on to her grade school years. Poor poor Julia. BTW, I remember when they did that song live on the show and she did that last note. Tim and I just cracked up. (a) we couldn’t believe that was the only solo she had, (2) after hearing how bad/bizarre/strange she sounded we understood why it was the only solo she had.

I mentioned to both of you (but it's worth me repeating for our many, many fans) that it reminds me of the end of the Flintstones vitamins commercial where that little kid goes all a capella on "...and growing" Excellent stuff.

OH! I forgot to tell you, I was flipping through channels over the weekend, and guess what show I saw Ryan Seacrest on - BLIND DATE!!! from before he was on AI. He was a pretty bad date. It was funny.

Simon has been mentioning something to Ryan about "Been on any blind dates lately" the past week or two- it all makes sense now.

That’s awsom. One time Tim and I were watching an old Match Game on the Game Show Network and Kirstie Alley was a contestant. She was a total beeach! We couldn’t believe it. Oh! And another time we were watching a Designers’ Challenge on HGTV and they were doing Jimmy Kimmel’s house! That was too funny.

And I saw a very special Tic Tac Dough where Charo was going head to head with President Taft...or was that just a sweet, sweet dream?

Ok, I wonder who will sing Grease. Someone has to. I'm totally stumped about what Ruben will sing. I can't think of a good BeeGees song for him.

Now, I love the song Grease. I was so disappointed yesterday to find out Tim doesn’t like it. Oh well. :(

The lyrics are just ridiculous..."Grease is the time, is the place, is the notion/Grease is the way we are feeling"? No, no, no and no to the above.

Josh (Jive Talkin') (5) - Eh, nothing special. There are way better bg's songs too.

I thought this was shockingly bad. Plus his big mug in the camera frightened me. I basically cringed through his whole performance. Then the judges comments were actually good! What show were they watching?!?! I think they just gave him good comments b/c when they give him bad comments his loyal fans vote in record numbers.

God, does this boy suck. He's in way over his head. Hurts to watch!

Darn, I just burnt my cookies! Grrr grrr grrr grrrr grrr! I always forget when things are in the oven. Son of a . . .!

"I just burnt my cookies" sounds like a slang phrase for, how do I put this, self love. Get it? I know, my brain is in the gutter.

Damn, Deb beat me to it!

Btw, did I say that Ruben's version of Superstar is totally AWSOM!?!?!?

Yep, and he’s your boyfriend but just doesn’t know it yet. Yeah, we know.

Make it happen. Cathy- start randomly dialing 205-xxx-xxxx until you track him or his kinfolk down...

Clay (To love somebody) (8) - Good pick for him. I like this song a lot. I'm really tired of his voice, but he still did really well. I liked it a lot! He's getting way better at not gaying his songs up as much (No offense Tim. AHHH HA HA HA!). Ya know? Paula just said a bunch of jibberish. Her comments are getting totally out of hand. I don't htink anyone ever knows what she's talking about.

I hardly think you could call Tim gay, he’s got a pregnant wife! Anyway, I think Clay did great too.

Yeah, don't want to miss with me or my WOman...she will cut you, I kid you not. Oh yeah, Clay was awesome. A great version of what is a really good song for his voice.

Kimberly L (I just wanna be your everything) (9) - Wow, I loved that. Really pretty voice, and really classy sounding! Didn't even sound bg's-ish. I really have no idea who will be in the final two. All three of them deserve it.

Nice, I really like her. As much as I respect and appreciate Clay’s talent, if it came right down to it I would easily select a Kimberley CD over Clay. Possibly b/c I like black female singers, but she’s just way more my style.

It was good, but not great. I see Deb's point- she's easier to listen to, especially over an album's length. Clay may be more talented, but that doesn't mean I'd buy his album either...

RUUUUUUBEN (Nights on Broadway) (10+) - 1-800-436-5704 I'm totally gonna vote for now on. After last week I'm about to go out and get one of those dialing machines. Let me just say that the day after my bf was almost voted off, Christy was voted off Survivor! What's this world coming to?!?!?!? Ok anyway, I've never heard this song before, but it was really good. I love the way he jams when he sings. It was so good! I don't know what else to say. He rules!

Very good as usual. It seemed like he tried harder this week. I think he was nervous b/c of last week. I don’t blame him. Wow, they’re really trying to get people to vote. I couldn’t believe all the shameless attempts to guilt people into voting. On the one hand I’m glad b/c I want to see Ruben win, but it is kind of unfair to the other contestants.

Not surprised to hear you’re a Christy fan. She’s deaf and you’re dumb.

Good one, Deb! Ruben did great here, I think he put more into as well.

Oh btw, I heard that Simon was gonna be on an episode of the Simpsons where he gives AI type comments at a child's beauty pageant. Funny!

Awsom, can’t wait to see that.

Simpsons, eh? When is that on? What channel?

Josh (To love somebody AGAIN) (7) - Uh oh, no offense to Josh but I doubt he'll sing nearly as good as Clay did. That's basically suicide. Well, it didn't but I did like it. I think its interesting to hear these songs with a bit of country. Makes them interesting. I lowered his score a bit because its still not as exciting as the rest of the singers.

This was waaaay better than the first song. It was a nice country song and I think he really held his own against Clay. When he sounds like this then I can see why he’s still in the competition. Too bad he seldom sounds this good.

It was OK, but Clay's version was way better. It didn't suck, but that's a rarity for Josh. He's got to be gone...He's become Carmen-esque in his sucky-ness...

Clay (Grease) (9) - Huh, Frankie Valley sang grease? Who knew. I'm so excited he's singing this! Go Clay! I really liked this. I do think he could've done it better, but it was still really good and really fun and a really great song. (I sound like Ina Garten from the Barefoot Contessa. You'll hear more about that at home, trust me) Ya know, as a person who thinks dancing is EVIL, I gotta say he deserves a lot of respect for getting infront of america and jammin when he hates to dance.

Crazy super-gay jacket and shoes. I love this song and I liked his version of ot. But the ending was dumb. BTW, nice shaking of your bony hips. I thought that was kind of yucky. I appreciate that he’s trying to move around a little more though. He really took Paula’s comments to heart.

The outfit and shoes match the song...Timmy says uh-uh to this one. Not so good.

LOL! Did you see the way Seacrest jumped when Clay did the hip move. He got REALLY excited. I laughed a lot about that. Hey, next year we need to get together and watch this a few times. (Shush Tim! I know what you're saying. You would LOVE to have me over every Tuesday night, I know it!!! )

What you said to Tim sounds like something the girl from Swimfan would say. Just sayin.

Jeez, nice Swimfan reference! You're BOTH scaring me!

Kimberly (Emotions) (7) - Kinda boring. Nice though. Oh, actually, it was better at the end but still not great.

Bad backup vocals (not that they’re EVER good). I liked it but you have to rely on the backing vocals a lot in this song and they were annoying. She didn’t really open it up tonight either. For it only being 4 people left I think she needs to make every performance pop. I liked both of her performances tonight but neither really wowed me.

I thought it got worse at the end- just showboating...she was decent tonight, but she's levelling out...she got better and better and now she's kinda stuck. Hope she does better next week, with Josh being out of here and all...

My boyfriend (How can you mend a broken heart) (10+) - Start wasn't so good but he picked it up. He still gets a +. Oh geeze, that was good! He's out of control good. I would give anything to see him in concert. Listening is good enough, but watching him is so AWSOM! Seriously, he's so great! Hey, was that Charles behind Simon? Cool.

Great song and he did FANTASTIC! Outstanding even by his own high standards. Whatever, he’s so good. BTW, yes that was Charles and Ricky in the audience tonight. I can’t believe you didn’t notice until now. Too busy burning your cookies I guess.

Ruben is outstanding, week in and week out- he did well tonight.

Ok, like I don't love him enough, but he's a total mama's boy too! Seriously.

Ok grrr, some telemarketer just called me and I missed the end of the show. I'm mad!

Hey dopey, don’t pick up the phone! You so crazy.

Cathy, you so crazy!

The bottom 2 will be Kimberely and Josh. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t let it be Ruben. That was just too scary last week. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think Kimberley will be voted off tonight. We shall see…

Semper Fi, Good Bye! Josh, the U.S. of A. is tired of bad singing wrapped up in a red, white and blue bow. We're shipping you out tonight...

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