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Week Four: The Sixties, man...

The theme of this show is the 60ís.  Should be good.

 Interesting set.  It has yellow accents rather than blue all over the place.  It looks so different that way.  It kinda confuses me.

Wait, Cathy is confused.  Stop the presses!

Jessica (Shop around) - Huh, I thought this was by captain and tenille or something.  Is that dumb?  Anyway, good song choice for her and she sang it well but it wasn't exciting or interesting.  Just good.

Not dumb, this song is before your time (before my time too Ė Iím not that old!)  First of all, Iím noticing that things really sound different on the stage.  I think she has an amazing voice.  She could have moved more though.  Her star quality was a little lacking tonight.  I wonder if sheíll be Oh!  I missed the cheering sections!  This is fun again.  Canít wait for the skits!!!

Didnít like the arrangement of the song, but she sang it well.  Solid but not a ďwowĒ performance.  Cathy, this was originally by Smokey and the Miracles, later covered by Captain and Tennile.

Anwar (A house is not a home) - I liked it, but I can't help but compare it to when Tamyra did it and I do think she sang it better.  However, I still thought it was a really good performance.  Great ending too.  He didn't take it too far.  I personally disagree with the judges that he needs to sing more exciting stuff.  Why can't he just be who he is, like Carrie is?

Made me miss Tamyra.  Very pretty, not overdone and it showed off his voice beautifully.  Very well done. 

Good look, nice, pretty, risky doing this after what Tamyra did in year one.  He has to be careful not to turn into Lionel Richie.  Simon may be right about the puppies.  Pretty, but maybe too pretty.

Mikalah (Son of a preacher man) - Weird!  I don't know what to say about it.   Dumb outfit.  She just tries too hard.  She doesn't have to be all mikalah or no mikalah.  Maybe somewhere in the middle would be nice.  Ya know, like normal perhaps.  Anyway, I can't judge her because I just don't like her voice, just like Fantasia.

I agree with everything you said.  It was a good look for her though, prettier than normal.  I think they did major gardening on her eyebrows.  That said I donít love her performance, it was affected.  I donít know, just OK I guess.

Well done, not too over the top.  Shows her personality w/out being annoying. Solid, not great.

Constantine (You make me so very happy) - Hmmm, surprisingly good.  Of course, it wasn't great by any means, but still surprisingly good.  The best his voice has sounded.  Honestly though, he took a huge risk with this song.   He really doesn't know how to pick songs.

I really like the songs everyoneís been choosing.  His voice really fits well into this song but he sounded a lot like David Cassidy.  Really good, the final note was a bit off though Ė eek!  I like his look a lot too, good blue shirt. 

Nice choice, I hate that he called it Motown.  A little affected but the best Iíve seen him thus far.  Last note was a bit rough.

Ha ha, Ryan said if you think rock rules, vote for Constantine.  Actually, if you think rock rules, vote for Bo.  Constantine is NOT a rocker anymore.  He hasn't sang rock since the first week.


Lindsey (Knock on wood) - She's trying too hard, but not trying hard enough to pick a good song.  Ya know?  It's like she comes to a song she likes and doesn't give one thought to the fact that there might be a better one out there to showcase her voice or stretch her talent.  She stinks.

OK, this is the disco arrangement of this song and thus I think itís crap that she can use it (although she needs all the help she can get).  The theme tonight is songs from the 60ís.  So she should have to sing it in the same style as it was in the 60ís.  Now Iím coming down from my soapbox.  Boy, she sure does love that ďtaking a dumpĒ pose.  Pretty boring for me, very goofy facial expressions too.

Bullshit Ė the disco version.  Kinda nice to see Ryan Starr again, though.  Donít let the door hit your taking-a-dump ass on the way out.  You better pack pack pack your bags.

Anthony (Breaking up is hard to do) - C'mon.  He's SO boring.  I don't like what he did to this song.  Yucko.

Ugh, itís bullshit that heís not doing the 60ís version of this song!  And whatís with the polo shirt!  Good voice, nice performance but Iím just not nuts about him.  Heís so bland.  Wow!  They were really hard on him.  But Iím relieved that he might be gone soon

Bullshit!  70ís version!  Technically fine Ė no soul.  No mo Clay do.

Nadia (You don't have to say you love me) - Very good.  Total diva performance.  My only problem with it is that I hate when people start singing a second too late and then catch up to the music.  It bugs me and she just kept doing it during this song.

Easily the best by far tonight.  She belted it out and sounded great.  Last note could have been held longer but great besides that.

Yeah!  I liked her before.  She raised her game, and she looks good.  Voice was strong, excellent stage presence.

Bo (Spinning wheel) - Now that's a rocker!!!  He's still not my fave but he's freakin great at what he does.  You can really tell he's experienced in front of the crowd.

He ran all over the place, wow.  Outstanding!  He just cranked it.  Maybe just a tiny bit too much running around though, it was dumb to end up at the back of the stage.  But besides that it was fantastic.  Great passion, great vocals.  Easily my fave.

Decent, one of his weaker performances but still good.  Good energy.

Vonzell (Anyone who had a heart) - She looked like a drag queen.  Shaky start, but it got a lot better.  Bad ending note though.  I liked it but didn't it.  But that's usually how I feel about her.

Wow, I thought she cleaned up really nice, to me she looked pretty.  Her voice sounds better than it ever has.  She did a great job.  The 3rd best tonight so far.

Looks good, another outstanding makeover.  Excellent vocals, maybe could have stretched her range further. Very nice.

Scott (Ain't too proud to beg) - That looked effortless.  That was a great song choice for him.  I would've liked him to be a little more excited, but otherwise it was great.

Damn, his voice is so great to listen to.  It sounds good in my ear (a la Max Power).  Reminiscent of Ruben. Really nice!

Nice strong vocal, decent energy.  Solid.

Whoa, great coke commercial with "put the lime in the coke, you nut."  Ha ha.

 Agree, clever ad campaign.  Cute!

Carrie (When will I be loved) - As usual, she has a great voice, but she's getting boring.  Nothing special about her and she always sounds the same.  I think she should stay with her country sound, but that doesn't mean she can't still stretch herself and be more exciting.

Again, this is bullshit.  Sheís singing the 70ís version by Linda Ronstadt.  I couldnít help but compare her to Linda whose voice has a great resonant quality, and this fell a little flat for her but she finished off great.  Overall it was good.

Bullshit!  See you on the Nashville Network.  Technically fine.  Donít like this phony country style.

Nikko (I want you back) - Great song choice!!!  Very fitting considering he was just let back in the competition.  Honestly, I think he will be back for at least a few more weeks.  He looked so comfortable up there, like he had nothing to lose.  He was himself.  Like how they usually are when they get kicked off and sing their last song.  I still love him.

That was a great reason to choose a song.  Iím glad heís back Ė great job!!!  Great vocals and performance.  I have a theory, he had nothing to lose so he just went out there without abandon and it really worked for him.  Outstanding, my #3 tonight. 

 Great song choice (is it 60ís? May be early 70's)  Nicely done, upper middle of the pack.

 Top 3:  Anwar, Scott, Nadia

 My top 3 are Bo, Nadia, and Nikko

My top 3 are Nadia, Vonzelle and Bo

Bottom 2:  Anthony and Lindsey

Bottom 3 are Lindsey, Anthony, and Mikalah.  And I think Lindsey will be voted off.

My bottom 3 are Linsey, Anthony and Carrie. Lindsey outta here!

Turns out I was right again!  I rule!


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