idol.gif (4063 bytes) American Idol Update- Season Two, The First Three Episodes
The madness continues! Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week One: Cathy writes a belated e-mail, Tim jumps in...

Well, there were so many diff people on the show and I only taped Tuesdays episode so I can't remember everyone, but I'll do my best.

simon-ears.jpg (12112 bytes) See, first of all, I disagreed with the judges a lot. Some of the people I really liked, they hated and vice versa. For instance, what the delio with the Enrique Eglasias look alike. I mean, I totally thought he had the x-factor. I don't know why he didn't like it!!!!!

Really? We watchin' the same show? We talkin' about the same guy? Again, like the first run, I agree with a lot of their choices. They wind up liking some I don't, but they've never disliked anyone I liked- at least at this level. And if we're thinking of the same Enrique guy (he tried to do "Escape"), he was awful- one of the worst I've seen.

Btw, why does Paula only say about 2 or 3 words at a time. It takes her FOR E VA to say a simple sentence! GRRRRRRR!

I wonder if any of that has to do with the producers wanting her to be meaner than in the first season (I've heard this was the case a few places). She's going over her words to much before she spits them out, perhaps...

Ok, here were some of my favorite characters/parts:

The munchkin from the lollipop guild. How GD funny was that! I thought that was awsom. I just wanted her to make it to Hollywood (HW) so that I could get a laugh at the end of every episode. but whateva

Uhh...she was bad. I don't know what people expect to happen when they come in and sing something dumb/act all goofy. The judges take themselves and the contest too seriously- the contestants are best off being nice and trying to be professional. I didn't think she was funny, really. I like the folks that are naturally crazy, really think they're all that when they're awful (kinda like Enrique)- those are the good ones!

Ok, the guy(ish) that cut his pants all the way up the leg. OMG that was funny! And what the delio with his man boobs?!?!? Yikes. He was a train wreck and I loved it. I LOVED IT!

Yeah, that guy was good and crazy. THAT'S what I'm talkin' about.

The twin girls. Now I know that they were fairly anti-clamactic but I see a little Nikki in those girls. You may not remember it, but I know you noticed it when you saw it. Just a reminder, they were singing Fallin and they go "e yeah e e yeah e" in perfect unison and with perfect anonciation. Just like Nikki. I thought it was funny.

The difference between the twins and Nikki was that there were two of them. Oh, and they can actually SING. Yeah, they over annunciated perhaps, but they were better than Nikki ever was. In my humble opinion, of course. Black Velvet, if you please.

Ok, the girl that we never got to see sing, but she talked to the camera and all she said was "and he said that I look like kelly osborne" and then she started bawling. I absolutely DIED, that was so funny.

That was funny and true. It's a shame that made her so sad. I don't know where she buys her mirrors. Plus, there's a lot worse pseudo-celebrities you could look like.

Ok, this might be my favorite. In the second episode when that one crazy mom said she was gonna pull out Simon's testicles. That was dumb, but then Ryan said "I wonder if she met our next contestant" and it was that guy with the really high voice. He said 1 word, and I seriously busted a freaking gut! I cracked up throughout the next 2 or 3 auditions. That was TOTALLY my fave part!!!!!!

That was funny. That guy was nuts, and the mom was CREEPY. I don't think the daughter was that good, from what I remember.

My two other favorite bad people- the guy who sang "Celebrate" and what must be Debbie's favorite- the girl who sang "A Moment Like This" with her voice cracking. What kind of idiot would choose that song!

There were some good people. There was a heavy set black woman who was INCREDIBLE. I think she'll go pretty far, actually.

Ok, I think that was all the crazies I can remember. If I think of anything else I'll write you. I can't wait to see what you guys thought. Feel free to add to mine if I forgot anyone. OH WAIT! I forgot one thing. What the delio with that boxer lady at the end of the second episode. They spent like 10 minutes on her. I think she's schitzo or something the way she kept going on and on about stuff. And in her audition when she said "I beg to differ" like she was gonna kick some ass and then she immediately went back to normal and started joking. And then they followed her down the street? It was spooky!

LADY TIGER! I loved her! She was INSANE! It was depressing. I think AI is trying to show some serious moments, the real heartaches involved in the competition. They're trying to make me wish for the dumb fake car washing skits.

nate.gif (2075 bytes) So, as a wise man (or woman) once said... "BY! I'M SPENT!!!!" (from the booby boy)

If you can't tell, I'm finding next to nothing in the way of pictures so far. Boo.

Week Two, Episode One: Back in the swing of things...

First of all, what was Paul Abdul doing that was so G-D important that she couldn’t come to Atlanta?!?!? What a whore.

Yeah, that was a little week, I guess she had a car dealership to open in some 'burb. What else could it be?

Second, I love the jerks that forget the words. HELLO! You had like 2 days in line to learn them! Retards.

Exactly! Prepare! Be ready! Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this!

Finally, How can so many really CRAPPY singers think that they’re really good! Do they hear themselves! And then they go out and complain that Simon was mean. EARTH TO RETARDS, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE SHOW!!!!! No one asked you to audition! WHAT E VA! That drives me nuts. What were they expecting?

It is boggling. I think some people just want to be on T.V. (Munchkin Girl). Others (Enrique, Booby Boy) actually think they are good. Huh.

- YIKES!  What the delio with the "performer" who jumped around like a crazy woman.  Ouch!

You mean Omega? Outstanding. She was nutty.

She thought she was trying out for "Zimbabwe Idol". Crazy lady.

-  Holy cow, the next kid who looked like kind of a geek.  He had a really great voice.  I don't know why, but I really really really like him!!!!!!  Clay might be our new american idol.  I'm just sayin'

Totally agree! But I can’t believe THAT voice came out of THAT body! Wild. He’s like Rick Astley.  I have a funny feeling that he’ll get to the finals. My prediction. We shall see…

My man Clay. I like him a lot. Jim Verraros with serious chops.

ryan2.jpg (4108 bytes) -  Okie dokie, it's commercials and I just have to take a break and say that I seriously love Ryan Seacrest!  Seriously!!!  He makes me laugh.  Ok, that's all.  Gotta take this opportunity and pottie.

  Thanks for sharing. Anyway, I must admit that I’m a fan of Ryan this year. Glad they got rid of Dunklefag, he was retarded. But I’m really liking Ryan this year. Very cool J

He's good. I can't believe I said that. Who knew how much Dorkleman was bringing them both down!

-  WHAT!!?!?!?!?  The "take forever and shove it up your ass" girl made it to hollywood.  "Oh no they di int"  (do that last line with the finger wave and neck move for the full effect)

I thought it was really cool that she did her OWN song though. For that I respect her. I think she just got by b/c she was "a character", I’d be very surprised if she made it to the final 32. Speaking of which, there are a lot of people getting through that are not really all that good. I’m interested to see tomorrow’s show to see if some of the really good people are still really good and if some of the marginal people shine. Can’t wait!!!!

It took guts to do her own song, for sure. I don't think she can sing. Her 25 minutes are coming to a quick end.

-  Rock on!  Bohemian Rhapsody!  I'm really proud of her for doing the nice part.  I had horrible visions of her doing that the next part like an idiot.  I predict that she will be this years Nikki and the boy who looks like Ryan S. will be this years ratboy. 

I cringed when I heard she was going to do that song, but she did a good job with it. I too can’t wait to see who gets the "ratboy 2003" title. 

She was o.k.- I don't think she'll last. Nikki meets Kelly Osborne.

I was ready to give Clay the Ratboy 2 titly (nerdy guy with great voice). We'll see how his image changes. I could see him looking all crazy, like a half rat/half boy type creature.

-  "I'm very interesting and unique  (SNNIIIIIIFFFFF)"  I loved this guy.  Why isn't he going to hollywood?!?!?

He didn’t lie, he was DEFINITELY interesting and unique. I loved how they made him sing 2 songs, as if they weren’t 100% sure he wouldn’t be going to Hollywood after looking at him. A duh.

I liked how he sang them both the EXACT SAME WAY! They should let a few nuts in, keep it interesting.

-  Commercials again.  I just have two things to say.  (sashe, chante.  JK)  Anyway, I forgot to say in the last email that during the second day of auditions, toward the end, when some guy sang the national anthem.  I mean, I know he sucked, but I was hysterical.  I mean, Simon would have known the national anthem better than him.  So, I immediately got onto Blubster to try to download that, but unfortunately no one has it yet.  :(  Second of all, I can't believe you rushed me like crazy for that email and it's not online yet.  Grrrrr.  OH YEAH, one more from last week.  The girl who sang unchained melody like SUPER slow and they had pics of the seasons changing.  How damn funny was that?!?!?!?

Tim and I couldn’t stop laughing about that!!!! The national anthem I mean. "Oh say does that Star Spangled rockets red glaaaare" How awsom! AND HE THOUGHT HE WAS GOOD!!!!!!!

That was this years "Siolent Night...I said, Siolent Night". Not quite as good, but still genius.

We also loved the seasons changing on the chick too. Bravo! 

-  Wow, that girl who sang "fallin" and changed the end.  I really liked her.  I mean, I don't like her but the way she changed that song was awsom!  That's exactly what they were practically begging for last year.  I thought that was really cool, and a much better ending to the song.

  Gees, I sure wish about a gazillion MORE people sang that song. Enough already! But you’re right she was good.

I didn't think she was a ll that great- it was one of those where the look got them in. More on that later.

-  YES!!  Ryan is only 2 years older than me.  Hell yeah, perfect age. 

  Cathy and Ryan sitting in a tree….

K-I-S-S-I-N...oh, I forgot what's next. I'm Title One in schoolyard songs.

granola.jpg (31197 bytes) -  Hey, guess what.  I made homemade granola this weekend.  It burned though, so I made some more.  I didn't really like it as much as store bought though.  Oh well.  I'm still pretty proud.  I've always wanted to try to make it.  yeah!

  Nice non sequitur! You so crazy! (I think I want to have your baby!)

Cathy, keep yr gawdamned hands offa mah wahf!

-  What?  Why would this guy think it would be a good idea to drink Paula's drink?  Duh!

  I think he wants to get some of her DNA and clone her when he gets home.

It lets him drink its soda and does what its told. It lets him drink his soda or else it gets to hear me sing again!

-  Eeeeew, it's beaver time?  Thanks for that one.

  I’m glad you remembered that one. I forgot about it. He was NUTS!

Yeah, he was an idiot.

beaver.jpg (3916 bytes)

-  Duh.  That 5 yr old was so cute.  I liked everything about that one!

  I thought I was going to pop a gasket when he said, "The Caucasian man didn’t like it, the brown man did though". WHAT EVA! That was soooooo damn funny!

That's the stuff that makes one an American Idol! Can't believe neither of you mentioned that he sang "Let's Get It On"!

-  The justin look-alike  who sang the MJ song was really good, but I think he needed to bring it down to a lower key.  He was trying to sound like 8 yr old Michael Jackson and he was like 30.  But good.  A little corny though.

I didn’t like him very much. He was too high and screechy. I was surprised they liked him! Sometimes when they say someone has a good voice I’m surprised. Usually they’re spot-on but this was a mistake I think.

He has potential- he can get up in the high registers with clarity- not a common thing for a guy. I think he needs to bring it down a peg (like Cathy said) and he could do o.k.

-  I love to see a big pimped out black guy skipping around in circles. 

  I TOTALLY loved this guys voice. He’s probably one of my favorite singers in this whole competition. I REALLY hope he gets to the finals!

I want him to go far just so Randy can keep calling him "Dawg". I like it when Randy gets all ethnic.

-  Ok, so what they're saying in this commercial is that Courtney Cox and David Arquette are rich enough for a pinball machine but not an ice maker?  Whateva


-  The girl who sang "over the rainbow" was good, but I thought she was trying too hard.  Oh well.  I guess that's why I'm not a judge.

  Yeah, that’s another song I could do without in this competition. I agree she was a little over the top (so surprising that someone who sang "Over the Rainbow" would be over the top). She did have a good voice though. If she tones it down just a little she might be very good.


-  Darn, it's over.

  But tomorrow’s only a day away! Hey, how come someone didn’t sing that? If Jay-Z (a.k.a. Jay-C) can do "Hard Knock Life" then how come an AI audition can’t be "Tomorrow"? Just sayin.

Or Safety Dance. Hey, can anyone from last year get better and audition again? I wonder.

Well, I better go now.  I expect you to get this up on the internet ASAP.  It's killing me not knowing your comments.  Grrrrr!

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