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We're all in the mood for a melody: Cathy in Purple, Deb in Red, Tim in Blue

Week Ten, Episode One: The Magnificent Seven

First of all, Carmen is wearing a stupid outfit. Grrrrr.

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WOOOO! Billy Joel songs. I'm dissapointed that he's not the guest judge. Oh well, too good I guess.

I know, that was kind of a bummer. Conversely, it’s also a bummer that Smokey Robinson is a judge on a week they’re doing rock-n-roll music. It would have been better if he were a judge when they were doing music that was more his style.

BJ is currently on tour- odd that they had Smokey here when they could've done a whole night of his songs. He made up for the rip-off by phoning it in. He kept claiming he followed the show but said NOTHING that proved this...

Kimberly C (Still rock and roll to me) (5) - Boring. She's just not confident enough. It sucks because some of them could do better, but once they get a bad comment from the judges or they end up in the bottom 3 they lose all their confidence. Have you noticed how well they do the night they're voted off?!?

I think this was a good song choice for her b/c it kind of goes with her singing style. However, she didn’t pull it off. As usual it’s over annunciated which takes all the life out of the song. It makes it so mechanical instead of passionate. She was too smiley and poppy, not gritty rock and roll at all. And what’s up with her saying, "My man Smokey"? She is so dumb.

Poor 6 flags, Simon is always dissing them.

As far as your comment on her not being confident enough, I totally agree. From the first time she landed in the bottom 3 she has not been the same. Maybe she thought she’s sail right through this competition, who knows. But it seems like she’s always hiding behind a big smile, like, "I’m happy, see everyone how happy I am, I’m really really happy!!!".

She's a jerk.

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Rooooooben (Just the way you are) (10+) - Loved it as usual, however, I thought there could've been a better pick. So many awsom Billy Joel songs. Oh, I thought that Simon had a very good comment. If Ruben can do this well at something he's so comfy with, then what could he do if he really put his all into it. Ya know. Btw, I saw a sign that said Ruben. That's fun stuff!

The hearts didn't come over. Sorry. I give you this instead:

I liked his look a lot tonight. They’re already packaging him for a broader audience. He did a great job as usual. I liked Paula’s comments to Ruben that America likes him "just the way you are". That was nice. I do also agree with Simon’s comments though. I think it would be good to see Ruben go a little out of his element b/c I really think he could pull it off. We all know that it’s most likely that he will win the competition. I think Simon wants there to be no doubt that he was truly the most deserving, so he wants Ruben to push the envelope. They did this with Kelly last year in a way, they kept having her sing more and more challenging songs just to prove she was worthy of the AI title.

I agree with this. He's great, but I'd like to see him stretch out. He can do it.

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Kimberly L (NY state of mind) (8) - Great song. This is a good song pick to represent Billy Joel. Now, Kimberly L was a perfect example of what I talked about with Kimberly C and can't you see how the last 2 weeks she's gotten her confidence back. I thought this was really good. Cute look too. OMG!!! Not only did Simon give 2 good comments in a row, but I agreed with 2 of his comments in a row. He must've gotten some again this week. He must have a girl/boy friend.

I was a little disappointed that she chose the song simply b/c she thought it would work with her voice rather than the fact that the song spoke to her. I think both Kimberly and Ruben did this too. I just think it’s more interesting to see people sing a song that means something to them. Oh well. That said, I thought she did a wonderful job with the song. I liked her hair and the hat too but wasn’t nuts about the outfit.

I thought this was good song for her, she did a good job with it, and I liked the look too- so much better than in previous weeks. Her stock is rising for me.

Nikki, I mean, Carmen (And so it goes) (2) - Nope nope nope! Her voice started off sounding interesting to me. Now it's just plain annoying! Anyone else could've done SO much better. Seee, Smoky's backing me up. She is nervous because she lost her confidence. I'm so write.

I like that she chose this song for the right reason, i.e. it has a special meaning for her. It was also nice to hear her do a ballad. However, she did a terrible job with it. Poor thing. The judges really tore her a new one.

She has GOT to be voted off. Seriously! She is the Rat Boy this year!

I’m so write!?!?!? UGH!!!

Excellent! In honor of Cathy's spelling, I provide this link.

Joshua (Piano man) (8) - Oh yeah. I was hoping someone would do this song, and he's doing it for the right reason. I would've loved to see Ruben do it, but oh well. Interesting how he still sounds country doing it. It's like a totally diff song, but it totally works. Actually, this lends itself to a country song way better than I expected. Huh, I really liked that but not for the reason I was expecting. His voice didn't thrill me but the song choice rocked and excited me!

It was good, but it didn’t speak to me. I didn’t like or dislike it, it just wasn’t anything I’d be interested in hearing more of. Part of what was so good about Ruben and Kimberley this week is that I wanted to hear more. Josh’s performance didn’t make me feel that way.

I liked it- it was solid, but not exceptional. Better than most.

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Also, it sucks to have such a popular song that everyone knows every word to and then you have to chop it all up to sing it on the show. It skipped around a lot so America wouldn’t have to sit through too much song before getting to the chorus. It was distracting to me. Not really Joshua’s fault though.

I thought this was wore for Kim L. and for Clay, the chopping of the song (the Clay thing I'll talk about in his section).

Ya know what, I really don't think that Simon likes country music at all. He can't seem to get past the fact that Joshua does country and it doesn't sound like what he (Simon) wants to hear.

Yeah, I don’t really want to hear it either. I’d like it better if Josh was actually doing real country songs and doing them justice rather than this pseudo country pop sound. It’s getting a little old for me.

He's o.k. That's it, really- he's a good singer, not a great singer. He's trying to compensate for that in a lot of ways...

Trenyce (Baby grand) (9) - I liked that a lot. I don't necessarily like that sound, but I think that she did it really well. I've never heard that song. I'll have to listen to the original.

First of all, she chose it simply b/c it was a bluesy song, not because it really meant anything to her. But then of course, maybe there are no Billy Joel songs that mean anything to her. Who knows. Anyway. I didn’t really like her performance. She just didn’t bring it dawg.

I liked this a lot. I think she took the original (a Billy Joel/Ray Charles duet) and really made it her own. Very nice.

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BTW, I heard an interview on the radio last week with a guy that does hair for the contestants. He said that Trenyce was a total diva and he didn’t like Kimberly C. either. He said that he thought Clay, Kimberley L, and Ricky were really great people and he thought he’d stay in touch with them for a long time. Interesting.

That's cool, I hadn't heard that. I like Ricky- I hope we see him again someday.

Clay (Tell her about it) (10-) - Finally a fun song. Now if he can only lose the corny looks for one night. Oops, too much to ask for apparently. Interesting! Ok, at first I was REALLY disappointed because I thought he changed the song to be slow like usual. Then I realized that was only the opening and I LOVED it! That was a great performance. Ok, I was gonna give that a 10 because I really liked it, but then I decided that no one is as good as Rben, but THEN I remembered that this wasn't Rben's best night SO, to make a long story short (oops) I decided to give Clay a 10 but with a minus just to distinguish between him and Rben.

Wow!!!! The first non-Ruben 10! I am wondering why he was allowed to do a different arrangement of the song but no one else has ever done that. Was is previously not allowed or was he just the first person to think of it, I wonder. Anyway, I thought it was really interesting and fun. Nice job!

Deb, you will notice it was 10 minus that Cathy gave Clay. I can't agree here, I think he oversang a little. He needs to find songs that suit that style (like "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me") or he comes off all Broadway.

Ok, the bottom three will be: Trenyce, Kimberly C, and Joshua (This is america choosing!) Then the one voted off will be Trenyce. I really think so! Too bad America sucks so bad, eh?

My top 3 in this order are Ruben, Kimberley L, and Clay. The bottom 3 are Kimberly C., Trenyce, and Carmen. I think tonight it will be Kimberly C. Note, I will not be surprised at all if Carmen does not wind up in the bottom 3 tonight, someone out there likes her, she didn’t wind up in the bottom 3 last week even though she was dismal. So, we’ll see.

Carmen voted off, it just has to be. Kim C. and Trenyce, back to the couch.

Jeeze, when they play it back at the end, it's so clear who the winner is. Ruben is SO much better than anyone else.

I agree!

Me too!

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BTW, I didn’t think Smokey did that great of a job. It was pretty forgettable.

Only YOU can prevent a crappy guest judge!

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