So here's the story. In the winter of 1998, inspired by Mike McMillan compiling his own version of the Oscars, I decided to take my crack at the Grammys. The Timmy Awards were born.

The first year (1998) was an exercise that reminded me of how little my listening habits actually fit in with the established group of Grammy categories- looking at it now I wonder why I tried to stick to that format. The second year (1999) saw me moving over to a Top 25 format, with some commentary on each album to justify its ranking. Year three (2000) and Year four (2001) both lack commentary and I've been wanting to flesh them out- maybe someday. I was relatively on time 2002-2005. Year nine (2006) saw me moving to a Top 50, where it has remained. Year Ten (2007) was a Top 50 plus links to YouTube clips on almost every entry. The next few years the list went up in August. 2012 didn't get finished until August 2015. And 2013 through 2015 - I have some notes and notebooks and maybe I will pull something together someday. 2016 was actually done on time! I can't remember the last time I did that.

TV, February 2016

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