The big winners in bold, runners-up in order....

Best Historical Album
kirk.jpg (14679 bytes) Rashaan Rolad Kirk- Aces Back To Back
Ramsey Lewis Trio- In Person 1960-67
Bob Marley- The Complete Wailers 1967-72
Nuggets- Orignal Artyfacts from the 1st Pyschedelic Era
Taj Mahal- In Progress & In Motion, 1965-1998
Best Box Set
nuggets.jpg (14104 bytes) Nuggets- Orignal Artyfacts from the 1st Pyschedelic Era
Burt Bacharach- The Look Of Love
Booker T. & The MGs- Time Is Tight
The Jam- Direction Reaction Creation
Randy Newman- Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman
Best Dance Performance
fatboy.jpg (7333 bytes) Fatboy Slim- The Rockafeller Skank
Jason Nevins vs. Run DMC- It's Like That
Lionrock- Scatter & Swing
Air- Moon Safari
Best Alternative Music Performance
(Since a lot of my nominees are "alternative", these nominees are all on independent labels and generally are more off beat than the nominees in other categories)
conduct.jpg (14829 bytes) F**k- Conduct
Negativland- Dispepsi
Tortoise- TNT
Momus- Ping Pong
Kahimi Karie- Kahimi Karie
Best Rap Performance
wyclef.jpg (9912 bytes) Wyclef Jean- Gone Til November
Pras Michel- Ghetto Superstar
Jay Z- It's A Hard Knock Life
Beastie Boys- Hello Nasty
Outkast- Rosa Parks
Best Male Vocal Performance
bigeagleeye.jpg (11815 bytes) Eagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight
Elliott Smith- Waltz #2
Money Mark- Tomorrow Will Be Like Today
Everlast- What It's Like
Lenny Kravitz- Fly Away
Best Female Vocal Performance
madonna.jpg (10609 bytes) Madonna- Ray Of Light
Lauryn Hill- Doo Wop (That Thing)
Sheryl Crow- My Favorite Mistake
Liz Phair- Polyester Bride
Natalie Imbruglia- Torn
New Artist
hill.jpg (13641 bytes) Lauryn Hill
Creeper Lagoon
The Beta Band
Record Of The Year (Artist/Producer)
fastball.jpg (10554 bytes) Fastball- The Way
Hole- Malibu
Madonna- Ray Of Light
Fatboy Slim- The Rockafeller Skank
Hole- Celebrity Skin
Song Of The Year (Artist/Songwriter)
smith.jpg (12410 bytes) Elliott Smith- Waltz #2
Fastball- The Way
Billy Bragg & Wilco (cowriter: Woody Guthrie)- California Stars
Madonna- Ray Of Light
Semisonic- Closing Time
Album Of The Year
hole.jpg (10313 bytes) Hole- Celebrity Skin
Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach- Painted From Memory
Every Other Day At A Time- Liquor Giants
Madonna- Ray Of Light
Fatboy Slim- You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Best Thing About Music in '98
Recordable CD Players Dip Below $500
Proliferation of CD Sellers on Web (Improves Prices, Selection)
MP3 Format Comes To Prominence (High Quality Sound On Web)
Major Label Contracts Less Important For Success (Ani Di Franco, etc.)
Electronica Gets Some Hair Where There Was None Before (Dance Music Gets Tough)
Worst Thing About Music in '98
Radio Stations Continue To Suck
Lack Of "Real" Jazz Albums Being Put Out By Major Labels
Music Industry Tries To Squelch MP3 Format
Pop Culture Tastemakers Attempt to Turn Swing into the next Disco
Many, Many Boy Groups (Backstreet Boys, NSync, etc.)

Note: I've used the images of album covers on this site so that if anyone reads this and is inspired to buy these albums, they know what they look like. Anyone from these record labels who would like me to add copyright information or remove any of these images, let me know. Thanks.

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