randy.jpg (2351 bytes) Cathy, Cathy, Cathy....Here's Tim's response. He's in blue, Deb is in red and your remarks are in purple.

Ok, here's the play by play:

First of all, I can't believe you were right about the theme! Weird!

I'm not too surprised...there are a lot of people interested in the show- and they have to rehearse all week-  so someone who's in the know (stage hand, assistant, Dunkleman's boyfriend) is getting a feeling of power by being able to share that info...

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Second of all, I knew Christina would be on today. I saw it on the website. Did you see Ryan in the background too? She was being dumb. Hey, Jim's there too! I think there's a thing between Jim and Ryan!

I agree that Ryan was totally being dumb. I don't know about her having a thing with Jim though. I'll have to watch for that in future shows. BTW, Tim and I missed the very beginning of it, we saw Christina was in the audience but I heard something that she was in a wheelchair? Did you see that? Also, did she and the other AI flop heads actually get introduced? I was wondering that.

Ryan is dumb. I saw her not clapping for some of the contestants. She lasted WAY too long. I don't know why you think she and Jim have a thing- I just think he was the only flop head (outstanding!) nice enough to set next to her ripped-shirt wearin' butt... jim.jpg (3079 bytes)
kelly.jpg (3544 bytes) Kelly: Well, she was of course really really good, but not her best. She didn't blow me away. (sniffle sniffle)

She was good, not great. Tim and I agree with you here.

Indeed. She should've done "If Anyone Had A Heart". That was Burt Bacharach's choice. Man's a genius. No lil' gal from Texas should be second guessing him. She didn't have enough confidence in her voice to do it. It is a tougher one, takes a lot more courage to pull off. She would've been at the high end of her register, instead of the growly, soul end she did to Walk On By. She had a chance to move into Tamyra territory and she passed.
RJ: Ok, this time he did really well, for him! I thought that was a great song for him to choose. The problem is that he went back to the RJ shuffle. He can't seem to work on 2 things at once.

He's just not all that good, but a lot better than Nikki! Well, more on that later. I think this week he was the 4th best out of 5.

Yeah, he was a solid fourth. He is a little out of his league, but I give him credit for trying as hard as he can.

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Ya know, I'm thinking that the people who don't watch this show every week are STUPID! Everyweek it's a star studded audience. Last week it was Jennifer Love Hewitt, and this week Wayne Brady!

Wow, huge stars. BTW, "star studded" implies more than 1 star per week.

Funny! And I agree...gotta do better than that to be star studded.

tamyra.jpg (2748 bytes) Tamyra: I don't know. I thought she was really really good, but I didn't think she stood out that much. I like her doing loud fast songs with attitude more.

You're crazy. She is amazing. I think I like that kind of song more than you, she does the loud fast songs very well too. She can do anything.

You are crazy...and have a short memory. I quote from your e-mail of August 8th: "I wanna hear Tamyra do a slow song though. She doesn't ever sing slow." Well, you got it. She KILLED. She is BY FAR the biggest talent on that show. Simon is second.
Btw, I HATE HATE HATE HATE Kirstie Alley! I wanna KILL her and destroy all her commercials!


Hmmm...I was gonna bring home the entire run of  "Veronica's Closet" on VHS that I got on eBay, but I guess I better not...

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bob.jpg (6226 bytes) Justin: Yawn! I thought that was a boring song. And he tells his hair to relax?!? Well, apparently it doesn't listen very well!

He was pretty good. He's very middle-of-the-pack now. The bad news is he's not in the same league as Kelly and Tamyra. The good news is he's not in the same league as RJ and Nikki.

He was good- I thought he was just about on par with Kelly this week due to song choice. It takes courage not to over-sing on that show, and that's what he did. It wasn't a showstopper, just a solid performance. Good, not great. Showed versatility, though- finally, a song from him that doesn't make you think of Broadway.

Nikki: Well, I TOTALLY disagreed with the judges. Sure, she wasn't the best, she never is. But, she did her best. I really think that was the best she's done.

She sucked. I had trouble even watching her. Her timing on the song was off and she seems to have lost her confidence. Don't get me wrong though. She is a really tough broad. She's almost gotten voted off a few weeks in a row now. I think it's pretty amazing that she's been able to handle that. However, if she doesn't get voted off next week there is no justice.

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dristan.jpg (2171 bytes) She was bad. If that's the best she's ever done, she had no business being in the finals. She oughta be thanking her little boy (pictured at left) for saving her. She beat RJ on sympathy votes- I didn't think of that until I heard a newsperson say that this a.m. I could see it being close. They have been outclassed for a while.

Good show, either way.

Yep, awsom show. ILAI (for those who don't know, I love AI)

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American Idol Rocks. Strong Medicine? No.