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Honeymoon Pics Continued
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Part Four: Arriving in Hawaii

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This is your average highway view on Kauii

A couple of city kids, we were a little excited by the "wildlife" we saw when we first arrived.  The first shot is what Tim calls his "Zapruder shot". Can you find the rooster in the picture? (Note: Unfortunately, that sweet Buick was not our Rent-a-Car. The second shot, Deb risked pesonal injury to get a close-up of an ornery rooster. Finally, we saw this cat hanging out in the shopping village like he owned the place. We later found out that he did, along with a chain of convienience stores and a few dry cleaners.

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Getting to and from the airport and anything on the north and east sides of the island, we drove through this- the Euculyptus Tree Tunnel.  These pictures can only hint at how beautiful this stretch of road was.

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Some of the beautiful scenery that was around EVERY CORNER. After a few days, Debbie and I started to say, "Alright, we get it! It's beautiful here!"

At Hilo Hattie's, the tourist trap souvenier shop. A fun place
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Magnet, P.I. gets a big thumbs-up A relaxed Debbie

More amazing roadiside views, oft the side of the highway as we head to the west side of the island.

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At the Waimea Brewing Company. "The World's Most Western-Most Brewpub" (or something like that). It was here that we learned that cats are EVERYWHERE on this island. There must have been close to a dozen hanging out as we ate our dinner on the patio, err, I mean lanai. They kept hanging around. We gave them shrimp, sure, but they kept hanging around.

Part Two: Koke'e State Park

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Saturday morning we ventured towards the west side of the island for what would be the first of two hikes while in Hawaii. The pictures above were taken on the road TO the State Park, actually several minutes away from the entrance. See, we told you this place is beautiful!

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More shots from the road up to the state park. It starts to feel quite a bit cooler at this elevation.

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Looking out to the Na Pali Coast Debbie at the first lookout point Tim at the Nene Crossing
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Nenes, not planning on crossing anytime soon. Tim, wearing a shirt he bought at Eddie Bauer in Niles, IL. Beginning the trail
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Hitting the trail. The path was a very soggy, reddish clay which grabbed onto our shoes pretty well.
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Tim tries the panaromic feature of the new digital camera his beautiful wife gave him as a wedding present.
Not bad, huh?
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This sign makes a pretty bold claim... Visual proof In the parking lot by the lodge. Roosters are to Hawaii as pidgeons are to Chicago.
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He's thinks he's all that December Plums?!
At the hurricane exhibit in the lodge. The unusual punctuation alone merits a thumbs-up from Tim
Looking into Waimea Canyon
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The clous roll in and out Deb with some pretty cool plants, roadside.
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