During the first four days, Debbie and Tim stayed in the hospital while Debbie recovered from her C-section.

Chloe surprised us by arriving on September 4- 33 days before her due date! As a result, she needed to spend some time in the special care nursery. The first picture shows her hooked up to a breathing tube- she was on this for about the first 24 hours.

Chloe looking all quiet and peaceful. Whenever we stopped by the special care nursery, she seemed to be sleeping. The nurses said that she cried plenty- when we weren't around.

The shot in the middle shows how tiny Chloe was- she's holding Daddy's pinky in her right hand and Poppy's (Deb's Dad)  pinky in her left hand.

Pictures of the new family- tired, but very happy! This was the first time we got to hold her. It was a little scary because she had an IV and still was attached to various monitors. We also got to feed her for the first time, and we had to struggle to get her to take 15 milliliters. For the first few weeks of her life she had to be fed every three hours, whether she was awake or asleep. The pediatrician said preemies don't always know to wake up when they're hungry.

In order to help regulate her temperature (and keep things nice and quiet), Chloe spent a few days in an isolette, pictured top left. The purple "rock star sunglasses" were worn to protect her eyes while she received light therapy to prevent jaundice. Chloe loved being swaddled and seemed particularly content wrapped in a blanket and lying in the isolette.

Another shot that shows how tiny she was- in Daddy's arms, first picture.


This sign was made by the special care nurses and was above her spot in the nursery. They took great care of her there!