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best man/friend of the groom

Craig and Dianne's Wedding
Craig and Dianne, on an average day around the house.

In every way but by blood, Craig is my brother. We've been close ever since we've met in kindergarten, and his friendship has always meant a lot to me. He's been there for me in both good times and bad, and I expect that to be the case for the rest of our lives. He was my only roomate outside of college, and he got me my start at the law firm that I still work at 12 years later. He now has a beautiful and wonderful wife and two handsome sons, the older of them agreeing (through his parents, of course) to be our ring bearer.
What's back there?
Mark, Craig and Tim happily guard whatever's behind those wooden doors.

Simply Craig
The serious Craig.

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sister of the groom

I'm very excited that Eileen will be standing up in our wedding- she's my sister, but she's also a very good friend to me. We've shared a lot of wonderful memories (even if I'm the only one who remembers the exact details of a family vacation in 1979), and I'm looking forward to her being right by me for another important event. Eileen helped me out a lot when it came time to pick out and purchase the engagement ring, so it's only right that she should be involved in the ceremony! I'm also thrilled her daughter Cara is in the wedding as our flower girl- and that her daughter Leah and husband Mike will be right up front on the 14th!

Linky & Timmy
The White Sox must've been on the road that day...

Ei, Mike and lil' baby Leah

Eileen, beautiful Leah Christine, and Mike. Not pictured: Cara, off practicing her flower girl routine.

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friend of the groom

Along with Craig and myself, Mark fills out the group that my mom referred to as "the triumvarite". The three of us met in 7th grade, and although we went to 3 different high schools and three different colleges, the three of us remained close. Our times together are not as frequent as the nightly bike rides for milkshakes on summer nights in the early 80's, but they're still every bit as fun. Mark is now a physician, husband to a lovely woman, and father to a wonderful daughter and terrific son. To me, he's still the slightly twisted buddy who helped me get through the awkward teen years while we were trying to figure out why girls weren't going for the quiet, bookish types.

Laugh it up, T-shirt boy!
Tim laughs at his own joke; Mark is in his brief serious artist stage.

The new Rush?
The closest we ever got to forming a band.
(Craig- what's up with the Hawaiian Shirt and scarf?)

That's what it's all about
Mark and Jeanine put their right feet in, then take their right feet out, repeat, and follow by shaking them all about.

Why I oughta!
Tim attempts to strangle his pals after they make fun of the only T-shirt he owns.

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friend of the groom

Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!
Relaxation, thy name is Mikey.

Amongst my attendants, Mikey is the "Mikey-come-lately"- I've know him for a scant seven years, since he started working in the law firm with me. Mike quickly became much more than a co-worker, as we found we had many of the same tastes in music, movies, food, beer and sports, not to mention the same off-beat sense of humor. I'm very glad he and Pete (see below) have become such good friends as well. Mike's always been there for me when I've needed him to be. Debbie and I have enjoyed having him over to watch football with us each Sunday, and he's even gotten us to care about whether the Chargers win.

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friend of the groom

Pete and I met during a summer while we were in college through our mutual freind Pete Palmer, and we quickly discovered many common interests. Pete was a true firend and greatly helped me make the transition from college student to member of the real world, being there for me in good times and bad. Pete's one of the best listeners I've ever encountered, and though he's now doing top level science work for Uncle Sam in D.C., I enjoy every chance I get to talk or see Pete- he's a real stand-up guy (standing up in the wedding pun intended; stand-up comedy reference not as intended, but still applies, as this guy has wowed me many times with his razor-sharp wit and uncanny memory).

Pete introduces Tim to his friend, Wet Willy.

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ring bearer

Joe Cool
A handsome little guy, even if he does look like Craig!

Only a bride as beautiful as Debbie could keep Joseph from stealing the show. A friendly, handsome young lad, Joseph will be 3 1/2 years old at the time of our wedding- and already a veteran ring bearer. I've never been a groom before, so I may follow his lead on what to do. He's an outstanding young man, and Debbie and I thank Craig and Dianne for allowing him to be part of our special day.

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parents of the groom

As corny as it may sound, my parents are my heroes. They've been married over 35 years and raised two fantastic kids (in my humble opinion). I see a fair amount of both of their personalities in mine, and I'm very proud of that. They've been supportive of me throughout my life, and for that I'd like to say thank you- and that I love you both very much.
Mary 1963 Dave 1963
Mary and Dave in 1963-
their engagement year.

Vasils 4
1993, when there were four named Vasil...

3 Vasils and a Vasil-elect
...and 2002, when there will be four again!