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Debbie's maternal grandmother

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Abe and Betty Pearlman out on the town.

I never knew my grandmother, she died of breast cancer when my mother was only 10. I've only seen pictures of her, she's very beautiful, and heard about her from my mother. My mom has always described my grandmother as a warm, caring, loving woman. I can believe it, because my mom turned out the same way.

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Debbie's paternal grandmother

My grandmother passed away when I was 14. My fondest memories of my grandmother are from the holiday dinners from when I was little. It was really fun to get together with my grandma and grandpa, Uncle Mark and Aunt Carol, and the cousins. She would cook up a storm for the whole family and I would sit at the kids table. I admire her and I miss her.

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Sally and Herb Heyderman with little Brian and little Deborah.

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Debbie's paternal grandfather

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Say Cheese!

Sadly, my grandfather passed away the day before Tim and I became engaged. The weekend we got engaged was very bittersweet. We attended my grandfathers funeral but also celebrated our engagement. I've heard that when God closes a door He opens up a window, I definitely felt that on that weekend. I miss Grandpa and I'm sorry he won't be able to attend our wedding, but he will be with us in spirit.

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Tim's maternal grandmother

My mother's mother and I had a very special bond- we were both slow eaters.  By this, I mean the last two people at the table slow.  I'm thankful for this, as it really allowed me to get to know her better.  I was amazed how sharp she was and I saw a very quick sense of humor that I didn't get to see at the large family gatherings when I was running around with my cousins.

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Blanche & Joseph Welsch.

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Tim's paternal grandmother

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Eileen and Tony Vasil.

I got to know my father's mother the most of all my grandparents.  Growing up we made weekly trips to her house to help out with yard work and other chores (don't feel sorry for me, she paid me quite generously for my efforts!)  My friend (and best man) Craig and I lived in her house after she did, and it brought back fond memories of my grandparents every day that I lived there. Each time I mowed the lawn while I lived there, I tried to do it in a manner that she would be proud of.

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Tim's maternal grandfather

My mother's father was affectionately known to my sister and I as Grandaddy.  He wasn't a tall man- I had a sweatjacket that was too big for him when I was in grade school- but he certainly wasn't short on personality.  I rarely saw him in anything other than a suit and tie, even when he was just coming over to our house for a weekend visit.  He had quite an impressive library in his basement, which made quite a mark with me when I was a younger reader, starting to become more interested in the variety of books available.

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Joseph Welsch, 1925.

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Tim's paternal grandfather

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Tony Vasil, 1925.

I knew my father's father the least of any of my grandparents, as he passed away when I was 11.  One of the first memories I have of him is my sister and I hoping to have the privilege of running to the kitchen to bring him a beer.  He loved baseball and I understand he was quite a pitcher in his day, playing on the General Electric team. I never had the opportunity to go to a big league game with him, but he's with me in spirit each time I visit a stadium.